10+ baby and toddler hacks that are a game-changer for all moms

October 14th, 2020

Parenting can be exhausting most of the time. There are times that patience alone is not enough.

Sometimes, parents also need to be creative to handle the most challenging parts of parenthood. Creativity can definitely help you think of life-changing hacks.

Amazingly, lots of parents have been sharing their very own ideas and brilliant hacks online.

Just like these 12 clever hacks which can definitely help many parents especially moms!

1. Heavy car seat? No sweat with a pool noodle!

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Instagram/toloveandtoraise Source: Instagram/toloveandtoraise

Carrying a car seat with your baby on it is certainly heavy. To make it easier for you, you can use a pool noodle – which will reduce the pressure on your arms.

2. Keep the seats clean with T-shirts.

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Instagram/pretty_as_poison Source: Instagram/pretty_as_poison

Rear-facing car seats are highly recommended because they’re safer than the forward-facing ones. However, the seats in the car are prone to dirt from the kids’ feet or shoes when they’re rear-facing. So, a mom namely Audra Carroll shared what she learned to protect the seats from being damaged.

She said that she covers them with T-shirts.

“T-shirts on the back of the seats in the car will help protect our seats from snow and ice from my rear facing girls’ feet. Thanks @carseatsforthelittles for the pro tip.”

3. From shoe organizer to bottle storage

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Instagram/coralbabies Source: Instagram/coralbabies

Do you want to save some space from the cabinet? You can try using hanging shoe organizers as a substitute for a baby bottle cabinet. It will help you sort the bottles easier. Make sure to sanitize the whole thing before putting the baby bottles.

4. Clever hack to fold onesies

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Instagram/ashkadashh via Cafe Mom Source: Instagram/ashkadashh via Cafe Mom

Truth be told, it’s a lot easier to fold a T-shirt than to fold a onesie. It turns out that you just have to roll it to fold it neatly. If you’re one of those moms who badly need this hack, feel free to watch this tutorial.

5. Let your kids play snow indoors.

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Instagram/moms_in_love_withfitness via Cafe Mom Source: Instagram/moms_in_love_withfitness via Cafe Mom

How is this possible? You just need a sand toy and fill them with enough amount of snow. Just make sure to place towels or rags on the floor to avoid it from getting wet. Another good thing is you don’t have to worry about frostbite.

6. Snack time in the box

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Instagram/kresta_k Source: Instagram/kresta_k

Whenever kids eat snacks, making a mess is something that’s unavoidable for them, and for the parents – it’s frustrating. Good thing a mom came up with this hack using a box.

“I figured out a mom hack the other day. I was so tired of picking up Cheerios and fishies everywhere so I put Rally and his snacks in this box. Now he thinks he can only have a snack if he’s sitting in this box,” she wrote in her Instagram post.

Such a lifesaver!

7. Food organizer

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Instagram/mehreengaffar via Cafe Mom Source: Instagram/mehreengaffar via Cafe Mom

Isn’t it more fun to travel when everything is organized? From the clothes, toiletries, and even food. Just like this one where every snack is properly arranged. This hack can reduce the bags you would have to bring.

8. Got no spoon? Try this!

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Instagram/donnaromma via Cafe Mom Source: Instagram/donnaromma via Cafe Mom

When you travel with your babies, you have to make sure that all of the things that they would need are with you too. However, there are times that we would forget a thing.

When you have snacks, drinks, plates, fork, but no spoon during a trip, you can rely on this hack. Use the bottom part of the fork to feed your babies. It’s just like a small spoon!

9. Perfect guide

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Instagram/day3663 Source: Instagram/day3663

Wearing shoes can be confusing for toddlers. Though you’ve already told them about the correct way, there are chances that they would wear the shoes on the wrong feet. This hack can certainly help you.

Cut any sticker in half. Then, make sure to place one half in each shoe. It doesn’t have to be big, so long as it’s visible enough for your little one, then it’s good to go.

10. Creative toy organizer

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Instagram/crappy2happy Source: Instagram/crappy2happy

It’s delightful to see your kids enjoying the toys that you’ve bought them. However, it’s a bit struggle to organize them especially if they are too many.

So, if you have some reusable sheet bags, you can definitely use them as toys organizers. Once you’ve sorted all of the toys, you can place all the bags in larger boxes.

11. Colorful result

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Instagram/alyssasfoodpics Source: Instagram/alyssasfoodpics

Many kids enjoy coloring activities. Chances are they would get a stockpile of small crayon stubs and they would no longer use them.

Well, if you collect all of these broken crayons, you can turn them into a brand new and colorful art supplies.

12. Avoid getting up so early

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Instagram/survivalsahm Source: Instagram/survivalsahm

As parents, we want our kids to get enough sleep. To see them getting up of the bed too early is not our thing. Surely, they don’t want that too.

Putting two pieces of tape on their alarm clock can be their guide so they would know the perfect time to get up.

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