24-year-old mom has over 21 babies and an army of 16 live in nannies
The young mom aged 24 is married to a 57-year-old businessman.
Colby Maxwell

Having a baby can be a REALLY stressful time, as any mom knows. Having multiple babies? A potential nightmare! Personal space doesn’t exist anymore and the idea of “personal time” or “good sleep”? Please.


While one or two babies is a lot for anyone, this 24-year-old has over 21 babies!

Kristina Ozturk is a unique mother. Kristina lives an interesting life, to say the least. The 24-year-old is from Batumi, Georgia, and married her husband, Galip, a 57-year-old not all that long ago.

The couple married, but unlike most people, they didn’t “take it easy” when it came to having kids.

Kristina and Galip have over 21 babies. Having that many kids is astounding, and if you do the math (24-21), you realize that it’s not really possible for Kristina to have birthed them all herself. Well, that’s where modern science comes in!

Kristina and Galip have paid $195,000 to different surrogates over the course of nearly a year.

So THAT’S how they got that many kids, all within a few years of marriage. If you haven’t guessed it yet, Galip is pretty well off when it comes to finances. It would be nearly impossible to pay for the surrogates, let alone food, for that many babies if he wasn’t!

To help keep track of all the kids, Kristina has the help of an army of nannies.

Currently, the household employs 16 live-in nannies totaling a whopping $96,000 a year in wages. The nannies work ALL the time and are constantly helping with the ever-growing list of babies that are being added to the family. Incredibly, Kristina helps out every day with the kids and is a very hands-on mother!

“I’m with the kids all the time, doing all the things that moms normally do. The only difference is the amount of kids. Each day is different, from planning staff schedules to shopping for my family.” – Fabulous

Kristina has her own Instagram where she documents her daily antics with her army of babies!

Although most of the kids are babies, a few aren’t. Galip has one kid from a previous marriage who lives with them and Kristina has her own 6-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. In total, it’s 23 kids and a lot of help. As you can imagine, people love to keep up with her on social media!

She loves to show how crazy meals, walks, and playtime for all of the kids are!

“On weekends, we eat together, spend time alone as much as possible, which is why Sunday is a day off on the blog so that we can be just a family without prying eyes.”

The nannies work four days on, two days off, rolling. They all live with bedrooms right near where the kids are and have their own kitchen to get food from when they need it. There aren’t any specific ties where one nanny is always with a specific kid, either.

Kristina says she spends quality time with each of her kids and loves all of them dearly.

Here’s a complete list of all her (current) kids!

Kristina and Ozturk’s babies are Mustafa, 19 months; Mariam, 18 months; Ayrin, 18 months; Alisa, 18 months; Hasan, 17 months; Judi, 17 months; Harper, 16 months; Teresa, 16 months; Huseyin, 16 months and Anna, 15 months.

Their youngest kids are Isabella, 15 months; Ismail, 14 months; Mehmet, 14 months; Ahmet, 14 months; Ali, 13 months; Kristina, 13 months; Sara, one; Lokman, one; Galip, 11 months; Olivia, nine months and Judy, three months.

Check out her Instagram and Blog below!

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By Colby Maxwell
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