33-year-old mom has been pregnant since the age of 16 and now has 12 children
Her husband admits he wouldn't mind adding more.
Irene Markianou

Finding out you’re pregnant at the young age of 16, is likely to cause some trouble.

Unsplash - Devon Divine
Unsplash - Devon Divine

Maybe the couple’s parents can’t accept that their children will be having kids at such a young age, before even having finished school.

It can also lead the couple to fights or even a break-up if they don’t agree on how they want to go on with the pregnancy.

Unsplash - Afif Kusuma
Unsplash - Afif Kusuma

The fact that the parents-to-be are still teenagers, they don’t have a standard income, and- let’s be honest- they’re probably not mature enough to bring up a baby, can make the couple decide to terminate the pregnancy or give the newborn up for adoption.

But nothing of the above seems to have happened in the case of Britni Church who, at the age of 16 had her first baby, and then, practically, she kind of didn’t stop having babies.

Since 2004, Britni has been pregnant almost every year excluding 2013, 1017, and 2022.

And, although not all her children share the same father, they are a big loving family today who just enjoy living together.

Britni is now married to Chris, 30 years old, with whom she has Silas, 7, Christopher Jr. 5, 3-year-old triplets Oliver, Asher and Abel, and Rowyn, 11 months.

When she met Chris, she was a single mother of Crizman, now 17, Jordan, 16, Caleb, 14, Jace, 13, Cadence, 12, and Jesalyn, 10, from previous relationships.

The couple adores their large family and, although Britni thinks she’s done, as she admits, Chris would just love to have even more children.

However, life with 12 children is already crazy. It means that your hands are always full, and that there is stuff to tidy up all the time.

As Britni told Today: “There’s always noise. Someone is always screaming,” Church said. “But it’s just normal for us. I’m able to drown it out somehow.” Adding that: “We are happiest when we’re all together.”

And, although people assume that they are wealthy, Church explains that they are not. She also makes it clear that, although she is religious, her being Pentecostal has nothing to do with her having so many children.

The Church family has a YouTube channel where they share moments of their large family life, while they are also on social media and they are actually followed by millions of users.

On TikTok, they have 1.8 million followers, while on Instagram they are followed by another 122k.

As Britni says, many followers ask her about “how things are down there”, and she replies that she could definitely carry a new baby and deliver it safely.

@ourlargefamilylife Reply to @aspencel1 #birth ♬ original sound – Britni Church

Others want to know details about labor. Many of them are asking whether she had a c-section or whether she had an epidural. As Britni reveals,

“They were all vaginal except the triplets — with them I had a C-section,” while on another video she says that an epidural can make a difference during labor.

What a beautiful story of a large family! May they always be happy!

Watch the video where Britni introduces us to the family below.

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