6-Year-Old Saves Twins From Drowning By Jumping In Pool
Branson walked in the backyard to get his younger brother, but when he saw what was in the pool, he instantly jumped in.
Jonathan Maes

Thanks to a brave little six-year-old boy, a tragic disaster has been avoided in Monroe, Louisiana. The twins Kaden and Isaac Kelley were just two years old and managed to sneak away from their parents’ supervision into a swimming pool.

The twins were drowning, but first-grader Branson Lee found them and immediately jumped into the pool to save them.

The Kelley family all gathered together for a Sunday church service along with a pool party. The incident occurred in the evening after the pool party was already over, but someone forgot to lock the pool area door. Kaden and Isaac managed to sneak out of the venue and fall into the pool.


Courtney, mom of the six-year-old Branson, told local reporters that they were almost on their way home and had even kissed the twins goodbye already. Before leaving, she chatted with her sister for a couple of minutes while all of the boys were watching a children’s show on Netflix.

The twins were gone for a couple of minutes, but that was more than enough for them to get lost in the pool.

“My nephew happened to be walking outside because his little brother, who is the same age as my boys, was wandering outside too,” mom of the twins, Jeannie Kelley said. “He saw his brother and grabbed him, and that is when he saw my babies. And he ran outside and grabbed them and pulled them up out of the pool and started yelling for us.”

Branson told his mom that he dove in the pool while screaming for help.

“He said he just dove in,” Lee said. “All he knew is he had to try to save them … It was a miraculous thing to know that at 6 years old he didn’t just scream and run away. He didn’t just ignore it or stand there in shock. He just immediately acted and allowed God to do the rest.”

Kelley Family, MSN
Kelley Family, MSN

Surprisingly, the little boy then administered CPR in the moments before help arrived.

The first-grader remembered his mom performing chest compressions years before on his younger brother and apparently never forgot.

“They were completely gone,” Jeannie Kelley said. “There was no life left in them. They were blue. They were limp. There was no heartbeat. There was nothing.”

At that point, dad Steven took over CPR and the emergency services were notified.

After thirty seconds, Kaden finally showed a sign of life as he coughed up lots of water and started breathing again. Half a minute later, his twin brother Isaac regained consciousness as well.

Both brothers had to be transferred to the nearest hospital via a helicopter.

Miraculously, both suffered no severe injuries and were completely fine the day after. Doctors stress that this could’ve ended a lot worse.


“The next morning, they were just like nothing had ever happened,” she said. “They were wanting to play, and they pulled their IVs out. They took their oxygen off themselves.”

The twins were completely medically cleared a couple of days after they returned to their home in Calhoun, Georgia.

“My preacher preached a message Sunday morning right after he dedicated them,” mom Jeannie said. “And it was called ‘Do it again.’ He talked about how the Lord performed miracles, and he still performs miracles. If he did it once, he can do it again.

“He talked about God making provisions in your life and lining everything up for your good in any circumstance. It was so amazing how everything came together, because if one thing had changed — other than the door being locked like it should have — if anything had changed, who knows what the outcome would have been. Everything just lined up perfect. Everyone just had their place whether they were praying or alerting us. It was amazing.”

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