Mom prays to God after 18,000 lb bulldozer runs over her 6-year-old sending him to the hospital
A day out at work with his dad took an unexpected turn.
Cherie Gozon

Freak accidents are called such because these are unimaginable incidents that we don’t want to happen to us. These unusual or improbable circumstances often end up with much blood or gore. Nobody wants to be involved in one.

Unsplash - Karl Solano
Unsplash - Karl Solano

But at times, no matter how careful we are, it could happen to us in a snap. It’s like watching our life flash before our eyes, and we think only a miracle could save us.

Unsplash - Casey Horner
Unsplash - Casey Horner

We say it is a miracle when we survive a freak accident because there seems to have no other logical reason for it. However impossible or unreal it may seem, we owe it to something like a divine intervention to survive such an unfortunate ordeal. This is what these Texan parents see as how their son survived what could have been the end of his life.

A day at work

6-year-old Bodie Glenn Boring was with his father, Dugan Boring, last July 27, where he worked on-site. He probably thought it’d be nice to take young Bodie along, but he never imagined what would happen to his son.

On-site, Bodie was run over by an 18,000-pound bulldozer – a freak accident that could have crushed their child to death. They rushed Bodie to the hospital, hoping a miracle could save him.

A miracle for Bodie

Samantha ‘Sam’ Boring posted on Facebook about their ordeal during those times. She shared that she went to the temple and prayed to God not to take her son away. She also prayed with his brother saying, “he’s got to be okay; there’s no other option.”

And it seemed like an answered prayer when the doctors said Bodie was alive. He suffered many injuries like bruised lungs, pelvic bone and skull fractures, blood clots in his brain, and brain bleed. The doctors closely monitored his case to assure Sam and Dugan that their little boy would survive.

Road to recovery

After five days, Bodie slowly started to walk with a walker. His fast recovery was nothing short of a miracle. Sam was thankful his little boy was strong enough to undergo all the laboratory work and treatments needed.

She also shared how Bodie told her when he woke up that when he saw the bulldozer’s blade coming at him, he was sure that he would die. Thankfully, he did not – and Sam could credit all that to God for giving them such a miracle.

Finally home

Sam updated everyone on her Facebook account since it was more convenient for her to inform everyone regarding Bodie’s condition. She was happy to share last August 6 that their son could go home. Even with the walker, the strong boy looked very happy in the photo.

The couple also created a GoFundMe page for Bodie for his medical expenses. She also said they might need a bit of financial help since she and Dugan needed to take some time off work to take care of Bodie.

If you want to help Bodie and his family in a way, you can visit his GoFundMe page to make a kind donation.

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By Cherie Gozon
Cherie Gozon is a contributor at SBLY Media.