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Who We Are

The Shareably Media Network began as an experiment to a single question — what determines whether a story is shared on the internet?

What we found was surprising. How readers access content and how publishers are incentivized are changing constantly. This has left media in a fragile state.

Our solution is simple. We want to create a publisher that evolves as quickly as their readers by leveraging technology.

We believe that there are stories happening every day that are worth sharing. Our mission is to find and distribute these stories to our readers as effectively as possible. Our hope is that every story you read across the Shareably Media Network will inspire, inform, or entertain.

The Shareably Media Network currently reaches over 50 million readers a month across the world.

We hope you'll be one of them.

The Shareably Media Network was founded in 2015 by a team of UC Berkeley graduates and is a division of SBLY.

We are currently located in Los Angeles, California.


At Shareably, we believe that the value of any story is decided by whether the reader is willing to share the story with their friends and family. We look for these stories every day and we’re constantly experimenting with new ways to find and deliver these stories to our readers. Our mission is to deliver value to our readers no matter what they’re reading.

Shareably was the first property launched by the Shareably Media Network and serves as the foundation of the Shareably Media Network.

At Relieved, our goal is to share accurate, informative, and interesting health information with our readers.

Every article we write reflects that vision. Whether it’s an article about how to sleep better at night or an article about the health benefits of green tea, we hope that by reading our content, our readers will be better equipped to be healthy in the long run.

We recognize that healthy living doesn’t occur overnight. Healthy living is about making small, everyday decisions that add up. Our goal is to help our readers make these decisions each day so that they can be healthy, inside and out.

Articles written on Relieved do not constitute as medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

At the Animal Channel, we’re dedicated to telling uplifting and inspiring stories about animals. From making us laugh to making us cry to inspiring us to be better, animals have a unique way of captivating human emotion, and we recognize that. Here at Animal Channel, we’re committed to telling the most compelling stories about animals that will connect with anyone - from the casual pet lover to the most dedicated animal rights advocate.

Our goal is to tell animal stories that are worth sharing, because ultimately, we’re all animals, if you think about it.

Our goal at Home Hacks is to make your everyday life, easier. We recognize that maintaining and running a home is not easy (and can be expensive!), and we strive to provide informative content that will help our readers do just that.

With detailed articles on how to repurpose common household items, complete do-it-yourself home improvement projects, and how to best take advantage of the cleaning supplies you already have, we hope that our audience will be able to improve their homes, on a budget.

Often times we are tempted to spend more money to improve our homes. But before you spend more money, try our tips instead.

At Sweet and Savory, we recognize the unique ability of food to bring people together. When we thought about some of our fondest memories, we realized that many of them are associated with food. Whether it was the annual Thanksgiving dinner with the family, the casual Sunday brunch to catch-up with an old friend, or afternoon baking session with the kids, food is an essential part of the human experience.

Our goal is to create content that will help our audience experience food in a new way. We put an extreme amount of effort into every recipe and article so that we can empower our readers to step out of their food comfort zones. We hope that, by reading our content, our audience will be well prepared to create that next food related memory with their friends and loved ones.

At See It Live, our goal is to share the best entertainment content from around the world with you.

Whether it be music or dance, an audition or a random street performance, we strongly believe entertainment content like this has the power to uplift and inspire. The performing arts have a unique ability to tug at our heartstrings, to communicate emotions in ways words just cannot. We hope that we can provide you with the most powerful entertainment content.

Every article we write reflects a piece of content that connected with us on an emotional level, and we hope to share that experience with each and every one of our readers.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the music.

At Parenting Isn’t Easy, we recognize just how it challenging it is to be a parent in today’s society. Parents have to deal with so much and are forced to make the biggest sacrifices for their kids. It just isn’t easy.

We hope to share stories of other parents, just like you, who are doing their best every day to raise their kids. We know what you’re going through, and want you to know that you’re not going at it alone.

And at the end of the day, we never stop being parents. But as our relationship with our children grows, so do the rewards of being a parent. And that’s the beauty of it.

We aim to put the ‘Spotlight’ on the most inspiring and uplifting human interest stories from around the globe.

We recognize that with all of the negativity in the world, it is easy to lose faith in humanity, especially when most media outlets cover the negative things happening in society.

Here at Spotlight, our goal is to restore your faith in humanity by sharing with you the daily acts of kindness, big and small, that typically go unnoticed. We hope that after each and every article you read, you have a smile on your face and that we made your day just a little bit better.