After adopting 2 babies, mom discovers she’s pregnant with triplets

May 21st, 2020

Mallory Jo and her husband, Michael Williams always dreamed of raising a big family together.

They pair were high school sweethearts who shared aspirations of both adopting and having their own biological children. So shortly after they graduated from college and got married, they started trying for their first baby.
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But after pregnancy tests kept coming back negative, Mallory was finding it hard to stay optimistic.

Eventually she and Michael went to see a specialist who put her on fertility medication, but because she was 26 the doctors suggested she keep trying without IVF. The results were stressful, but she and her husband didn’t want to let it ruin their plans.

So instead they started fostering, which would prove to be an emotional rollercoaster in itself.

After three months of being on a waitlist, they finally got their first placement child. Their world changed overnight when a baby named Chase came into their lives.
The social worker dropped the 8-month-old at the house, stuck around for 5 minutes, and left. Mallory was surprised by the unceremonious way they were given the baby, but couldn’t be more excited to finally have a child in their care.
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But just two days later, there was a court appearance and the judge determined there was not enough evidence to keep him in foster care.

Just like that, they were childless again.

“I was shocked… his biological mother has 6 other children, and none of them were in her care. We thought this would be our baby.”

They were still coping with the loss when they got a call to foster another baby named Dylan who was six weeks old. They accepted immediately and started preparing to bring him home.

And in a strange turn of events, they got a call shortly after asking them to take Chase back.

“The state was unhappy with the judge’s decision, so they did an appeal and won. All of a sudden, we went from 0 to 2 babies!”

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Not only did Mallory and her husband have to dive into being parents, but they also had to deal with the politics of battles/visits with the boys’ biological parents and court dates every three months.

The couple continued trying to get pregnant and even went ahead with IVF. The chance of a woman her age getting pregnant after the first cycle is about 30%, so they weren’t relying on it to be a success.

Another emotional rollercoaster, Mallory had to deal with needles, and some anxiety about whether or not it would work.

It was so stressful and emotional, that she wasn’t sure she could try again if it didn’t take.

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They were given confirmation that they could officially adopt both Dylan and Chase, so they were over the moon.

They were so concentrated on adopting their boys that they hadn’t been stressing over their pregnancy. But then to their total surprise, their doctor called to let them know that the embryo transfer had stuck.

She was finally pregnant!

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But it wasn’t smooth sailing from there. She had some unusual blood results, and had a scare on Dylan’s first birthday when she experienced some unexpected bleeding, and expected the worst.

She got a scan the following day and got some strange results from the technician. Apparently things looked “too good”. What could that mean?

Technicians aren’t legally able to discuss too much about what they see on the scans, but she left a couple not-so-subtle hints which made Mallory think she was having twins.

She texted Michael and the two of them could hardly contain their excitement while they waited for the official results to come back. But they were wrong.

They weren’t having twins… they were having triplets!

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Most parents might be daunted by the idea of 5 babies, but Mallory and Michael were overjoyed.

“2018 was hands down the best year of my life. Not only did I give birth at 35 weeks to three healthy, beautiful baby girls, but we got to adopt our sons. I’ve officially become a mother to five kids in two years.”

Mallory wishes she could go back and tell her younger self to relax and be patient. Nothing felt like it was going to plan, and she was worried things wouldn’t work out, but she got everything she wanted and more in the end.

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Just maybe not in the order she and Michael had planned!

But she also sees a bright side to surviving the hardship.

“I am a better mother, daughter, friend and overall person for that struggle.”

It’s amazing that Mallory and Michael were finally able to raise the big family that they wanted.

Those children are going to grow up surrounded by so much love!

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Source: Newsner, Medical Xpress