Two Beautiful Twins Are Brought Into This World, Don't Realize They Have Left The Womb

November 17th, 2017

A video has recently gone viral, demonstrating the Thalasso baby bath method and the incredible bond between twins.

In the video, you see twins who don’t appear to realize they’ve been born. They’re being held under the running faucet, in the midst of one of their baths.

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Each baby clutches the other, holding on tightly as their bodies sway in the sinkful of water. Their faces look completely content; their eyes are softly closed shut.

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According to AWM, the specific bathing technique is called the Thalasso method, invented by French baby nurse Sonia Rochel.

It is geared towards fresh newborns and, if done correctly, is supposed to make them feel like they are still in the womb. In a translated video, Rochel describes her experience:

“I have been working with babies and young children for quite some time—over 30 years now—and in that time, I have met a lot of interesting people. In particular, I met one midwife who showed me a lot of beautiful things”

“With this midwife, I saw how birth for these babies was actually a beautiful experience and I wanted them to experience something equally beautiful once they were born. That’s how I developed this special bathing technique that is there to welcome baby […] It is like a welcome gift, my gift to them to welcome them into this world.”

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According to Rochel, there are a few basic rules for the Thalasso baby bath method. The first is that the baby should not be bathed when hungry “because then he needs a feed and has no interest at all in the bath.” Secondly, do not be afraid of getting water in the baby’s ears or eyes. In fact, doing this may actually reassure then later one when they get water in their eyes. And lastly, use a gentle baby shower head to provide a soft, cranial massage.

She also says, “I do give some guidelines for safety though. Mainly because a baby moves during the bath. It’s their reflex for example when they touch the side of the bath, to jump up. I know that happens. So I always have my hands ready, because I know that at any moment, baby can do this and make a sudden movement.”

Rochel’s Thalasso method and knack for dealing with babies is truly incredible. See the twins’ heartwarming expressions for yourself below!

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