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Why Viral Sleeping Baby Hack Is Actually Very Dangerous

October 24th, 2018

When a new mom brings her baby home, chaos ensues

Unfortunately, there’s no instruction guide at birth detailing how to take care of these mysterious creatures. The first (and biggest!) challenge is establishing some sort of sleep routine.

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Baby Sleep Advice Source: Baby Sleep Advice

Actually, you know what? Scratch that. A routine is a bit ambitious.

Most would be content simply getting their baby to sleep on the first try.

Now, Google is loaded with sleep tips from moms around the world. But, as someone who has been there, I can assure you the tips aren’t as effective as you might think. Thankfully, however, someone has finally revealed the secret we’ve all been waiting for, and from the evidence that’s been gathering, it’s the best trick in the book.

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Ánh Tít/Facebook Source: Ánh Tít/Facebook

But is it really as safe as it seems?

Lê Thi Ánh, a 23-year-0ld mother from Vietnam, posted a video to her Facebook page, sharing an amazing trick to get your baby to sleep.

In the video, the dialogue is Vietnamese. However, alternate media outlets have done the translating for us. According to Mamamia, in the video, the new mother is thanking a nurse at the hospital where she gave birth for teaching her this amazing sleep trick.

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Ánh Tít/Facebook Source: Ánh Tít/Facebook

The short clip shows the hospital nurse rolling a large towel diagonally. She then places the baby on its side, using the thickest section of the towel to support its back. The thinner ends of the towel are then wrapped around the baby’s body and underneath its head and neck. Lastly, a section is placed between its legs.

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Ánh Tít/Facebook Source: Ánh Tít/Facebook

Immediately after folding the towel, the baby curls right up to sleep.

In an interview with smartparenting.com, Lê Thi Ánh revealed the practice is common at the Thái Bình Obstetric Hospital where she gave birth. After observing its efficiency, she still uses the method at home.

“It’s easy to do and helps the baby sleep very well,” she said.

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Ánh Tít/Facebook Source: Ánh Tít/Facebook

Despite the popularity and efficiency of the technique, medical experts have expressed concerns about the video. For example, registered midwife Jane Wiggil of the Red Nose Health and Advocacy told Mamamia in a statement:

“Red Nose understands the needs of families, especially when it comes to babies’ and parents’ sleep. However, the chances of your baby dying suddenly and unexpectedly is greater if slept on their side or tummy.”

Red Nose doesn’t promote the use of positioners in bed, such as towels or wedges, for these reasons. This is also an increased suffocation risk due to airway obstruction if these objects become dislodged.”

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CTV News Source: CTV News

Considering the video’s been viewed more than 18 million times, it’s important that anyone using this sleeping technique consider the inherent risk of SIDS when putting a baby to sleep on its stomach or sides.,

See the controversial video below.

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