Baby opens mouth to speak first words to mommy

January 29th, 2021

Watching a newborn baby make sounds and try to talk is adorable.

They do their best to convey little messages, but they don’t yet have the ability to do so in a coherent manner.

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It can be hard to tell whether a baby is just speaking gibberish or actually forming small words.

For one baby, her first attempt at telling her mom that she loved her was caught on camera.

And although the baby should be far too young to speak, it does sound like she actually says, “I love you.”

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The video has racked up over 47 million views on YouTube and left everyone wondering if the little 8-week-old baby actually just said what we think she did.

Either way, just the fact that she is trying to speak and is also being talked to by her mother is a good thing.

An article from The Atlantic explains how talking and reading to your very young children every day is great for their overall devolvement.

They even go to say that, “If everyone talked to their young children the same amount, there would be no racial or socioeconomic gap at all.”

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However, just because you are consistently talking and reading to your baby doesn’t mean that they will immediately begin to talk back.

They’ll make sounds and noises that probably represent words and ideas, but what they actually mean can be confusing.

The same article from before helps to demystify a baby’s first words.

It states:

“Such early utterances have a lot of social work to do—they’re more about enabling an interaction than about referring to something specific. So it seems as if ka (baby sounds) was less an act of naming than the on-switch for a shared experience.”

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So what your baby says isn’t really as important as the fact that they are trying to communicate at all.

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with things to tell your young child.

They are just a baby after all and they obviously aren’t going to understand much of what you are telling them.

However, there are plenty of things to talk with them about.

You can try telling them about the things that you did that day.

Or you can read them books and sing to them as you are changing their diaper.

The context of what you are talking about really doesn’t matter so much, just know that trying to communicate with them is helping their tiny brains develop.

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Because the video has garnered so many views, there are plenty of people who want to share their opinion about whether or not they think the baby actually spoke.

Some people are sure of what they heard, believing that the baby did actually tell her mom that she loved her.

One commenter said:

“Aww the baby is so adorable she seriously said I love you.”

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However, no everyone is convinced.

Another commenter wrote:

“Who else didn’t hear it?!”

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I suppose the debate may never end, but that’s just fine.

The video is so adorable to watch that it doesn’t really matter whether the baby said “I love you” or not.

Check out the video below to decide for yourself what the baby said and be sure to share it with a friend!

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Source: Tim Hamilton, The Atlantic