Baby defies doctors who said she wouldn’t walk, takes first steps as dad cries tears of joy

September 30th, 2020

A child’s first steps are always a big milestone.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your tenth child, seeing them walk for the first time is enough to bring tears to your eyes.

But this dad was especially overjoyed and couldn’t contain himself when his daughter defied all odds, and stood up for the first time.

You see, one-year-old Lawree had been born with a deformed right leg.

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Pexels, Anugrah Lohiya Source: Pexels, Anugrah Lohiya

And every doctor her dad spoke to tried to prepare him for a harsh reality – that she may never walk.

Lawrence Bakana (Lawree and Lawrence… how cute!) lives in Buffalo, New York. He was at home with his daughter when she surpassed the doctor’s expectations, and was able to stand up on her own.

Her father pulled out his phone to record the miracle, and was barely able to hold it steady because he was so excited.

He knew something big was about to happen.

And then it did – he managed to catch footage of his daughter taking her first steps towards him.

He was so moved that he couldn’t help but cry. Weep, even. Wouldn’t you?

What’s even more adorable, is the look on his daughter’s face when he starts to cry. Even at one year old, she can tell those are tears of joy.

You can see she’s encouraged by his reaction, and wants to take more steps to keep him smiling!

And she’s doing it all with a snack in hand.

At first she needs the couch to keep herself steady.

But she quickly grows more confident and takes another step all on her own.

Her dad’s reaction is so heartwarming. He’s shrieking and crying in disbelief. This is a major life milestone that he was expecting never to see. A true miracle!

It opened so many doors. If she could walk… what else could she accomplish that the doctor’s hadn’t expected?

We can be sure that little Lawree is a determined little girl, and isn’t going to let her disability get in her way!

The average baby takes their first steps when they’re around 9 to 15 months old. It would have been impressive for Lawree to ever take a step, but the fact that she’s already walking at a ‘normal’ age, shows great promise for her future.

Maybe, against all odds, she’ll become a dancer! The sky is the limit for this little cutie.

It’s unclear what exactly caused her doctor’s to think she wouldn’t be able to walk. But with birth defects it’s hard to tell exactly how the body will adapt and change as it starts to grow.

Hopefully, now that she’s walked, and her dad has the video to prove it, her doctors can start working with her to improve on her condition as much as possible.

Since they caught the issue so early on in her life, they should be able to monitor it and help guide it towards healing completely.

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Pexels, Adrianna Calvo Source: Pexels, Adrianna Calvo

There’s no way she understands the significance of what she’s just done, but in a few years, she’ll be able to watch it on camera for herself. And his adorable reaction is sure to bring tears to her eyes too!

Watch the emotional father-daughter moment by clicking below.

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