Mommy’s heart melts hearing 8-week-old baby’s words
Aww, I heard it, so very precious.😍

While parents “hear” their kids say all sorts of things as soon as they start babbling, most babies speak their first word sometime after the age of 10 months (but as late as 14 months is common as well).

But even then, they may have just a couple of words, most of the “mama” and “dada” variety.

But as moms and dads seem to take speaking as a sign of their “superior” parenting skills, we get lots of claims, including video “proof” of early speech.

A very sweet, “I love you!”

Let’s face it, frankly, it’s a little silly to say your baby is talking before their brain has even learned to comprehend words.

Still, one set of parents is insisting that their newborn managed to say “I love you” at just 8 WEEKS old.

It’s important to note that even if a baby could approximate those sounds that young, they would have no idea what they were saying.

But that hasn’t stopped Tim Hamilton’s video from being viewed over 53 million times!

And we’re guessing most people listened a few times.

Youtube Screenshot - Tim Hamilton
Youtube Screenshot - Tim Hamilton

She sure is a cutie, but is she speaking?

Is she babbling in a way that sounds like the words “I love you”? That’s up for debate.

Youtube Screenshot - Tim Hamilton
Youtube Screenshot - Tim Hamilton

She’s a heartmelter for sure!

In the video, mom is talking to the little girl about Christmas, asking her if it was good and if she got everything she wanted.

She coos back and smiles, most likely to try and replicated mom’s happy facial expression.

Youtube Screenshot - Tim Hamilton
Youtube Screenshot - Tim Hamilton

Mom continues to talk softly and sweetly to the little girl.

And this bonding is clearly putting her in a good mood.

She’s making lots of eye contact and seems eager to interact.

It should come as no surprise that the more we talk to children (and not in silly baby voices) the more words they learn. (That’s also why it’s so important to read to them.)

Does she say it?

As mom dotes on her little girl, she tells her daughter she loves her.

And the baby’s response is a squeak of some sort. But in the second round, she gets out some sounds that…well, could probably convince a mom that her newborn was “talking.”

But mom hears it and says “Aww, did you say ‘I love you?” – to which the baby immediately gives her this alarmed face.

Youtube Screenshot - Tim Hamilton
Youtube Screenshot - Tim Hamilton

Many YouTubers chimes in via the comment section (while it was still open) to express their opinions.

“Aww the baby is so adorable she seriously said I love you,” exclaimed one.

Others had doubts.

“Who else didn’t hear it?!”

Youtube Screenshot - Tim Hamilton
Youtube Screenshot - Tim Hamilton

In fact, it’s really hard to discern when babbling becomes talking in babies – but we know it doesn’t happen at 8 weeks old!

Of course, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to your child, points things out and name them, and work on their communication and identification skills in general – that can only help them.

But there’s no reason to try and teach your baby “tricks” to make it seem like they’re developing more quickly.

We often seem so concerned about helping our children getting ahead that we don’t stop to ask “of who?” and “why?”

Babies evolve at their own rates, and parents should just enjoy the ride.

But sure to scroll down below and watch the video. Let us know what you hear!

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