Thankful Toddler Sobs When He Sees His Birthday Presents

December 14th, 2018

In today’s society of excess, children can easily become materialistic. They can feel like expensive toys and clothing dictate their worth—like they have more value when they have more things.

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You can usually spot a materialistic child pretty easily. Often, they’ll complain of boredom or of having nothing to do (despite a room full of toys). They’ll throw fits when they’re not allowed to have something, banging their fists on the floor. They’ll refuse to get rid of old items even though they haven’t played with them in years. As you can imagine, it’s not fun to deal with.

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If this sounds like your child, however, fret not! There’s still time to instill some wisdom. If materialism is what we’re moving away from, then the boy featured in this video should be our goal.

In a recent viral video, you see a little boy full-on sobbing with gratitude upon seeing his birthday gifts.

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The little boy, clad in sea creature pajamas, stands in the living room staring at his gifts. “Mommy, I can’t even believe it,” he says, shaking his head. “Nah. No way.”

Just the thought of having so many presents brings him to tears.

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It’s not often someone so young is aware that material things are a privilege and not a right. Too often, we spoil our kids, forgetting to emphasize the important things in life. Finlay Strafford, the boy in this video, however, is a little one who’s truly thankful.

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With the holidays approaching, some parents are stressing about how their children will receive their gifts. Mom of two Kerri Bishop told Psychology Today: “No matter how many presents [my kids] receive, they still want more and it drives me crazy!”

Learning appreciation is a process for children and parents alike. Personality will play a role in what age a child becomes less egocentric, but overall, “people are hard-wired to care deeply about others,” notes parenting educator Barbara Coloroso. If your child isn’t showing these qualities, there are ways to build on this natural gift.

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First, teach them manners, then the importance of sharing. Don’t just load them with praise when they share on their own, emphasize how their actions made the other person feel. E.g. “Thank you for sharing that doll. Look how happy your sister is to play with that”

As children get older, giving them responsibilities and chores will help teach them the value of hard work. Not only will the become more responsible, but they’ll start to understand the effort that goes into things other people do for them too. Once you’ve mastered these, head on over to Today’s Parent for additional tips and steps.

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Since being uploaded this month, the boy’s thankful reaction has been viewed thousands and thousands of times.

“What a fantastic kid.”

“This boy is unique for his age…”

“Aww, wow. I really need to hug him. Mum, you have an amazing little lad right there. God bless him and you.”

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Watch the heartwarming video below!

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