Little Boy Will In No Way Accept Being On The “Naughty” List

November 19th, 2019

For kids that believe in Santa Claus, there’s nothing worse than being put on his “naughty list.” In fact, most of the time – all you have to do is mention the words to get a bad-behaving child to shape right up!

Well, I guess that’s not always the case. A young British boy named Jackson went viral after he made some very “not-so-nice” threats to Father Christmas.

His dad was behind the camera during the scene, recording footage. Let’s just say it’s not your “typical” reaction to the thought of being on Santa’s bad side.

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There are so many exciting things about the holiday season you’d need a whole notebook just to write them all down. But Santa? He’s gotta be a lot of parents’ favorite.

Sure, Old St. Nick’s got a big (and expensive) job having to deliver loads of toys and presents. Yet, it also means that for an entire month little boys and girls act “extra good” without a parent having to be “the bad guy.”

Little Tommy, I don’t think Santa would appreciate you teasing your sister, now would he?

Even just knowing that he’s “always watching” seems to do wonders on some kids. And three cheers for the Elf on the Shelf too!

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Apparently, Jackson’s dad also likes to keep the Santa card in his back pocket at Christmas time.

When he noticed that his son was demonstrating some bad behavior, he decided to play it by bringing up the infamous naughty list.

The video begins with Jackson actually threatening his dad that he’s going to swear. Ironically, the kid is wearing a very proper school uniform complete with a tie (but as they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover).

Dad replies:

“Well, that’s why you’re on the naughty list because you’re being naughty right now. So you’re going to be on the naughty list if you keep talking like that.”

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A lot of kids would have gone silent at that point. Not Jackson though.

He tells his dad:

“No, because Father Christmas is not being way nice to me!”

Dad continues to explain to Jackson that he is indeed on the naughty list because of his actions, but the boy’s not having it.

He stomps his foot heavy on the ground and yells back:

“I am on the good list! If you keep saying that word again and again and again… I’m NOT on the naughty list.”

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Jackson’s dad then pulls out the old “Santa called me up at work” tactic.

He explains:

“Father Christmas rung me last night when I was at work, and said, ‘You better tell Jackson to start being a good boy or he’s going to stay on the naughty list and he won’t get no presents for Christmas.'”

For a split-second the boy’s face is priceless. However, it wasn’t actually a checkmate move.

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Now’s when Jackson turns on poor old Santa Claus.

He responds to his dad:

“Then I will do an upper-cut to him! I will go like this…punch him. Punch his beard off!”

Yikes. It’s a good thing that Father Christmas is way up in the North Pole (but all you mall Santas should maybe keep your eyes peeled).

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It’s one of those times where a parent’s plan backfired.

See below to why Jackson might remain on Santa’s “naughty list” until he’s 30.

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