Dad has some explaining to do when daughter tells mom about a bra in the car

June 17th, 2020

Some accusations are completely accurate, often requiring a bit of courage from the accuser especially against threat of social or legal backlash. Others are baseless, fabricated, and perhaps libel.

Then, there are those rare accusations that are accurate to a degree, but aren’t exactly what they seem.

Sometimes, the evidence can be damning. Other times, the accusation alone can be enough to haunt someone for life – true or false.

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An innocent accusation

Children might actually be the most effective trolls on this earth, whether intended or not.

One dad recently found himself in some hot water after his daughter unintentionally accused him of something seemingly slimy. He explains in a tweet,

My 4-y/o daughter tried to jam me up today.

Kid: Mommy, why is your bra in daddy’s car?
Me: What!?

The Mrs hit me wit a killer side eye. She ain’t been in my car in weeks

Me: Ain’t no bra in my car!!
Kid: Ya huh, cup thingie with straps

*we all go to garage & look in car*

Daddy definitely has some explaining to do…

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The whole clan heads out to the garage. I imagine Dad’s slightly nervous even though he knows the implication is false.

An accusation, itself, can be pretty pressing. Now he needs to provide the burden of proof to exonerate himself.

Well… they did find something. Something pretty closely resembling a bra, especially to the eyes of a child.

But Daddy’s not destroying his family – quite the opposite, in fact.

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Resting atop the wooden finish of his 2007 Lexus GS350 lies a white face mask.

Well, to the child, it definitely fits the description of a bra – a bulbous cup with straps…

Her description was spot on.

Come to think of it, face masks and bras have very similar designs.

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Fortunately, father isn’t sneaking away in the middle of the night to meet with his paramour, he’s merely doing everything he can to keep his family healthy.

The misunderstanding set the Twittersphere ablaze, garnering hilarious reactions from across the globe.

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Naturally, the memes make their way out.

I imagine this one sums up Dad’s thoughts pretty accurately. He probably shot his daughter the same exact look.

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Another user perfectly depicts the perspective of the accused innocent.

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Dad was probably sweating bullets. Fortunately, he’s a loving father.

Like Dad, keep wearing masks in public places. The coronavirus hasn’t gone anywhere.

Many Americans have been struck with coronavirus cabin fever. Cases have diminished in certain areas, but there are ongoing upsurges across the country, particularly in the South, including Florida.

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Some areas are currently plagued with record-breaking confirmed daily cases. New peaks have been reported in municipalities across the country.

Fortunately for this dad, the mask’s his own and not a bra. Instead of sleeping around, he’s ensuring his family’s safety, as well as others he comes in close contact with.

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I’m not sure his daughter understands the implication of her statements, though her innocence and honesty are incredibly cute. She surely has a keen eye.

Well, we can throw the bra accusation to the wind.

Dad’s much more responsible than that. He loves his wife and family like nothing else.

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Please stay safe and healthy during these trying times. We’ve been cooped up inside for months and months and months, and though there’s been progress, a lot of people aren’t taking any efforts to maintain social distancing recommendations and respect others’ health.

The United States has by far the most total coronavirus cases over the duration of the pandemic. Now, Americans are facing the consequences of viral ignorance and apathy, made worse by poor federal decision-making.

You must take it on yourself to stay healthy – for you, your loved ones, and the countless other citizens going through the same exact things. Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

This dad was recently put on the hot seat with his daughter’s innocent accusation implying he might be up to no good. Well, turns out the opposite is true. He’s making an effort to keep those he loves healthy.

Be careful out there and try to wear a mask in public.

It’s a minor inconvenience – the potential consequences make it more than worth it.

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