Sweetest bulldog melts hearts ‘protecting’ all his little brothers
He loves all of his brothers so much.
Patricia Lynn

For years, Gunnar was the ‘only child’ in his house. His parents raised the bulldog as a real kid, and they doted on him.

But then, it was time for Gunnar to take on a new role — as a big brother.

Of course, the dog was the first one to know about his mom’s pregnancy, and he lived the whole experience with her.

He even used to lay on her bump and patiently waited for his baby brother’s kicks. He was super excited to feel them, and it was like he was getting to know him.

When Wyatt came home as a newborn, Gunnar immediately knew he was a human baby that had to be taken care of, and he somehow knew what he had to do in order to make sure he would be fine.

Youtube Screenshot
Youtube Screenshot

And then, a couple of years later, Lachlan joined them. When the second baby came home, the friendly bulldog knew exactly what he had to do.

He had to be the big brother again, the one who is responsible for the baby’s well-being when mom and dad aren’t around.

“The first time Wyatt came home,” Samantha, their mommy, said, “and the day we brought Lachlan home, he was like ‘Oh, yeah, they’re my people too.'”

Youtube Screenshot
Youtube Screenshot

Now, whenever mom and dad aren’t looking, Gunnar knows that it’s his responsibility to make sure the babies are fine.

Apart from taking care of them, he’s also teaching his brothers stuff. For instance, he taught Wyatt how to climb the stairs.

“There Gunnar was,” Samantha said. “He was at the top, came down and then stood behind [Wyatt] as he climbed the stairs for the first time.”

Youtube Screenshot
Youtube Screenshot

Of course, it’s not only Gunnar that loves his brothers and does everything for them.

The boys, too, love him and want to do everything with him. They have birthday parties with him, they get excited when he mimes their actions (like jumping on dad’s lap or looking out the window next to them). They just adore him.

Especially with Wyatt, who was the first baby Gunnar recognized as his brother, the dog has a special bond. In the video that follows, the two can be seen doing various activities together, from painting to playing basketball and having a bath.

“It’s his silly side [Gunnar’s] brothers like the most,” mom Samantha admits. “He loves swimming. But he has to wear a life vest because he’s so dense. If you say ‘pool’ he’ll sprint to the door.”

Youtube Screenshot
Youtube Screenshot

The beautiful family do everything together with their lovely bulldog.

And that’s because they know that Gunnar won’t be around forever. Much as they hate the realization, they know it’s true, so they’re trying to make as many memories as they can with him.

“He really is our first baby,” the parents explain. “Knowing that he’s not going to be around forever, it makes me just try and appreciate him so much while he is here. I can’t imagine our lives without him.”

Recently, Gunnar’s family welcomed their fourth new little brother to the home. And Gunnar is doing just as amazing a job protecting him as he did all his other brothers. What a sweetheart.

Check out a video about Gunnar and all his brothers below!

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