Many people expect a mother that has given birth to return to her sexy figure almost instantly. Because of this, there are many of those who have hidden their postpartum bodies out of shame. And to make their flabby tummies unnoticeable, they wear oversized shirts and just shy away from the camera. They only flaunt their bodies again after they have successfully gotten their shape back.

Many think that celebrity moms, since they have nannies to take care of their baby, can just focus on making their bodies awesome again after giving birth. They can readily do the needed activities that will help them get back in shape. However, this is not usually the case since every woman is different. And for those who have gone through delivery, getting the pre-pregnancy bod back is not an easy and quick process. Many changes happen to a mother’s body. But, there is no need to be ashamed of these transformations. It is essential for every woman to embrace the changes and not feel ugly about how pregnancy has changed them.

Be inspired by these celebrities who are not embarrassed to share their postpartum bodies. As a matter of fact, they are rocking it and are proud.