Couple learns about 7 siblings separated in foster care and adopts them all
The brothers and sisters can now grow up together in a loving household.
D.G. Sciortino

Chris and Jessica Milam of Denton County, Texas built their home to fill with children.

But they probably didn’t imagine there would be seven of them.

But that’s exactly what happened earlier this month when the Milams adopted seven brothers and sisters.

“We had an empty house we just moved into. We built a house to fill with kids, so we knew we had the space,” Jessica told FOX 7 Austin.

The two brothers and five sisters had previously been split up and were living in three separate foster care homes for more than two years.

“From the moment I read their profiles, I said, ‘Oh, these are the kids for us.’ They loved animals, they loved to craft, they loved plants,” Jessica said.

Not only did the Milams take in the children, but they also have a ton of pets.

“We have two snakes, one dragon, four cats, and one dog,” the kids explained.

According to Voyage Dallas, the couple owns Fur Services Fur Pets, a professional pet sitting and walking service that they started in 2013.

So, in addition to their own children and pets, they take care of other people’s beloved furry family members. The Milams always dreamed of adopting but they assumed it would be just a few kids. Not an entire family of them.

But that all changed when they learned about these seven kids, who are aged 5 to 12.

“We’re self-employed, so it makes it a little bit easier to take care of seven kids of various ages.” Jessica said.

After meeting the children, Jessica immediately got to work making sure the children understood that would soon be a family.

FOX 7 Austin - YouTube
FOX 7 Austin - YouTube

“All of them were like, ‘Can we just come home with you today, can we just come today?” Jessica recalled to FOX 7. “They were trying to negotiate coming sooner and stuff. So, they were just so excited to really be together, but also to have parents that were just going to be their parents forever.”

FOX 7 Austin - YouTube
FOX 7 Austin - YouTube

Eight months later, they officially became a family.

“I’m going to find that it is in the best interest of these children that the adoption take place. I will grant the adoption, grant the name change, and seal the record. Congratulations,” the judge said.

FOX 7 Austin - YouTube
FOX 7 Austin - YouTube

While the children may not have understood all the legal jargon going on, they still had an understanding of what that special day meant.

“It means we’re going to be there forever, we’re going to have a family to take care of us until we’re adults and can take care of ourselves,” one of the kids said.

FOX 7 Austin - YouTube
FOX 7 Austin - YouTube

The Milams’ family adoption story ended up going viral. A video on the adoption ended up being viewed more than 41,000 times on YouTube so far.

“What a beautiful family! These parents are just wonderful,” one YouTube commenter said in the video.

This family already has a lot of love. Learn more about their union in the video below!

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