Dad interviews daughter on her first day of school for 12 years
What an incredible graduation gift.
Jonathan Maes

The first day of every new school year is always memorable, not only for the kids themselves but it’s often an exciting day for their parents as well.

Kevin Scruggs decided to start a little family tradition when his daughter Mackenzie first had to go to school at the age of six.

After she got home from her first school day in first grade, Kevin decided to grab a video camera and interview her.

Kevin Scruggs
Kevin Scruggs

The loving dad asked his cute daughter what she did during the day and what she was looking forward to the most.

Kevin filmed Mackenzie on her first school day for twelve years – all the way up to the twelfth grade.

Although the questions largely remain the same, Mackenzie’s answers certainly differ over the years and this video allows you to see a fantastic evolution of Kevin’s daughter.

For example, in the interview for the second grade, Mackenzie said that she was having fun playing with another girl named Mackenzie in her class, but as she got older, she spent her first school day “looking for cute boys” and was looking forward to sleeping in when she transitioned to high school.

For every single grade, Kevin grabbed his camera to take a short but sweet interview. After twelve years, that adorable Scruggs family tradition had come to an end.

Kevin Scruggs
Kevin Scruggs

Of course, what better gift to present her for graduation than the compilation video of the twelve interviews?

He posted the video online on YouTube, which has already amassed a whopping two million views with the heartwarming title “Happy Graduation Sweetheart”.

This fantastic video allows us to see Mackenzie change over the years and is truly a wonderful idea. In a way, we can imagine Kevin was likely more excited about the first day of school than Mackenzie was herself!

At the end of the video, it gets even sweeter. Kevin ended each interview with an “I love you”, and for each grade going backward, you can hear and see Mackenzie say the words back to her loving father.

Kevin Scruggs
Kevin Scruggs

Hundreds of people on Reddit have reacted to this heartwarming video, and some are even inspired by Kevin to make their own yearly videos.

“Incredibly sweet. I also love that she told her dad she’s looking for cute boys. It just shows how open and trusting she is with her father. And how mature and understanding he is, knowing that’s part of high school, male or female. So many fathers seem to be over protective of their daughters almost to a fault.” (nopesoapradio)

“It’s so weird right? One day you have a kid, they’re an infant who is the size of your forearm and then boom they’re in high school. Being a parent is a whirlwind of so many things. I’m happy that this guy took the time out to be prescient and record some of the things he may have regretted missing. I wonder how this guy felt to see his daughter grow up from 0 to 18. I wonder when I will experience that.” (imnoidoit5)

“This is absolutely beautiful. What a fantastic father.” (Sr71miller)

A fantastic graduation surprise!

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