Daughter explains to confused dad with dementia that he’s her dad & footage gets 1.5 million views
He didn’t recognize his daughter so she had to explain who she was. The touching moment grabbed the internets attention.
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What is your definition of family?

Pexels - Elina Fairytale
Pexels - Elina Fairytale

People may have different experiences when it comes to their families.

But one thing is for sure – they are the people you care about the most in your life.

It’s always comforting to know that they are present even during the darkest days of your life.

A video on TikTok exemplifies how solid a family can be.

TikTok - @baileyrosek
TikTok - @baileyrosek

Bailey, a loving daughter, posted it on the said video-sharing platform.

It features her father, Scott, who suffers from dementia.

It must be difficult for Bailey and her family to see that Scott doesn’t recognize them.

This father and daughter touched many hearts with their heartfelt conversation.

TikTok - @baileyrosek
TikTok - @baileyrosek

It started when Scott admitted that hearing Bailey calling him dad freaks him out.

You can tell he was reluctant to express it because he didn’t want to hurt Bailey’s feelings.

Thus, he told her about it carefully.

When her daughter asked him, “Who are you?” he quickly replied, “I don’t know.”

Despite this, you can still feel his love and care for Bailey.

TikTok - @baileyrosek
TikTok - @baileyrosek

During their conversation, even though he doesn’t recognize Bailey, he said that he had the feeling that she means something to him.

“I have feelings for you. There are feelings. I know this girl, this lady, she is important to me, in my life. So you mean something to me,” he stated.

Bailey reassured her dad about what really matters.

She told him it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know who she is.

What’s important is that he feels safe with her and can feel her love for him.

When Bailey asked Scott if she could call him dad, you can see that he was hesitant to respond.

That’s because he was concerned about how she felt about it.

Hence, Bailey assured him that it was okay if he would like to be addressed differently.

They had a deal.

TikTok - @baileyrosek
TikTok - @baileyrosek

They can call each other by their names. After all, for Bailey, Scott will always be her dad, no matter what.

“Dad forgets me every day now.”

Bailey shared this in one of her TikTok videos, and it’s surely heartbreaking.

She also admitted that she misses him.

Yet, Bailey makes it a point to help her father remember.

She is there for him every step of the way.

TikTok - @baileyrosek
TikTok - @baileyrosek

She also mentioned that Scott likes trying to recall things.

She helps him by showing him pictures of their family, and you can feel Scott’s eagerness to remember the memories in every photo.

A lot of people admire Scott and Bailey.

Their touching videos have been gaining attention, and their story has impacted their followers.

They are indeed an inspiration to many.

They will always be family.

TikTok - @baileyrosek
TikTok - @baileyrosek

It doesn’t really matter how Bailey addresses his father.

What matters is what’s in their hearts.

Whatever happens, they are family, and they will always stick around each other in good times and bad.

Feel free to watch the video below!

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@baileyrosek Some days are easier than others.. i miss you dad, but i love you very much, Scott. #dementiaawareness #wernickesencephalopathy #caregiversoftiktok #parentofmyparents ♬ original sound – Bailey

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