Identical twin girls carry on like old friends

September 15th, 2020

Have you heard of twin telepathy?

Well, it’s the concept that twins can communicate on their own terms – like they share an additional sense or mode of communication.

Of course, it’s generally not thought of in literal terms. As it stands, there’s absolutely no convincing evidence that humans are even capable of telepathy!

Regardless, twins have some excellent chemistry. Not only did they share a home in the womb for a few months, but they do look (almost) exactly the same!

By no means are these two newborns psychics, but they’re operating on an entirely different level!

Even though they can’t form words, they completely understand each other.

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This is double trouble!

What’s better than one adorable baby? Two adorable babies!

These newborn twins are only three months old! They have so, so much to see.

Naturally, they’re curious about their new, unfamiliar world. They’re on a quest for answers!

The baby in pink reaches out to touch her identical sister.

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

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She can’t believe it!

It’s another baby that looks exactly like her! How is this possible?! The world is weird. Hopefully, her sister is cool, too!

She tries to put some emotions into words.


I’m not too familiar with that phrase, I wonder what it means. Unfortunately, these babies don’t have a translator on hand…

The sister in pink proceeds to stuff her hand into her sister’s mouth… but she doesn’t mind at all, surprisingly.

A parent steps in to mediate the madness.

The exchange makes for one adorable spectacle.

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Sure, they can’t talk yet, but they don’t need to!

They’re communicating through gestures and facial expressions, and that’s all they need.

Although there’s certainly no convincing evidence that telepathy exists, twin telepathy is on full display here!

The sister in pink caresses her adorable other’s face.

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Up until now, the sister in pink has been doing the majority of the “talking.”

Now it’s her sister’s turn.

The twin in blue sends a heartfelt response.

Her eyes gaze upon her sister with the utmost sincerity.

She even has a little something to say!


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The sister in pink seems delighted!

She responds with some more gibberish before extending her arm yet again.

She just wants to get to know her sister!

She already has a pretty good feel for her sister’s face, but she needs to absorb some more information. Twin telepathy can only get you so far, obviously…

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These adorable twins wrap up their incoherent conversation amid a few more “goohs” and “gahs.”

Although they can’t yet form concrete words, their body language and facial expressions do most of the talking.

One thing’s certain: they absolutely adore each other.

Their parents are going to have their hands full, that’s for sure! One newborn’s enough, but two?

Well, that’s double trouble! Just imagine them in a few years!

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I wonder what it’d be like to have a twin. At the least, hopefully, they’ll be friends for life!

Siblings can certainly make life more interesting, especially if they look exactly like you.

So what do you think of this adorable newborn duo? They might be the cutest set of twins to grace this planet!

Well, I guess we can’t know that for sure… but they’re undoubtedly on the shortlist!

Before you go, definitely check out the entirety of their adorable exchange in the link below!

Warning: a dangerous amount of adorableness lies ahead!

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