Parents let their 6-month-old baby water ski, internet reacts
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Laura Shallcross

If you think you’ve seen everything the internet has to offer, think again. You’ve yet to be introduced to a water skiing baby.

Though you might first assume Photoshop to play a role here, this is about as genuine as it gets. Little Rich Casey Humpherys, aged 6 months, must be the biggest daredevil baby we’ve ever seen.

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My first time to Glacier National Park!

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The setting was Lake Powell, Utah, and baby Rich had made a special trip with his mom and dad, Mindi and Casey Humpherys, who hoped that today he’d achieve a world record as the world’s youngest water skier ever.

Before we all jump to conclusions, this isn’t the typical water skiing you often see featured on “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. There’s no risk of baby Rich being pancaked against the water when the boat rips off at 90 miles per hour as is so commonly the result of standard entry-level water skiing.

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Lake days with dad!

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Though it is a little questionable why Rich’s parents are so keen to get him gliding across a lake when he can probably barely even stand, he’s safe here. He has his own special baby water ski, he’s securely strapped in, and he’s got a “just in case” floatation jacket.

To be fair to Rich, he must be about the mildest baby ever to even be okay with standing on his little water ski.

Babies don’t often take well to change, but judging by the photo and video of the little boy grinning and laughing at the camera, he’s quite content with his new activity.

It’s almost as if Rich is a grown-up in a baby’s body. How many 6-month-olds do you know who can grip onto something with enough force to hold them upright, let alone balance on a tilted surface?

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My first tire change. #pitcrew

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But the video is proof that, bizarre as the circumstances are, little Rich is indeed water skiing like a (near) professional. This is clearly a calling that he’ll be a world-champion water skier by the time he’s 18.

There’s no denying that Rich’s water skiing is impressive, but not everyone is happy with Casey and Mindy Humphreys’ decision to set their baby out on the water.

On a photo and video of Rich waterskiing, which were shared to his own Instagram account, many people commented with their concerns that the parents might be pushing Rich too far for a baby of his age.

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5 months! Dinged my prop during nap time today…

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But for every negative comment, there were 10 positive ones to counteract it. One person wrote:

“Child abuse where🤔 I dont see them verbally abusing the baby, I dont see them physically abusing the baby, I just see a family having fun. A little on the dangerous side maybe, but the boat wasn’t going fast. People need to stop exaggerating situations.”

Someone else added:

“All I have to say is LOOK AT THAT SMILE!!!! So happy and lucky to have parents caring about him so much they barely take their hand off him let alone their eyes!”


Apparently, Casey and Mindi had spoken to their doctor about the possibility of taking Rich water skiing, and he gave the family the A-OK. Hey, it’s not something everyone would do, but if it’s safe and Rich is clearly having a great time, we don’t see a problem.

What do you think about Rich, the 6-month-old water skiing baby? Let us know in the comments below!

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By Laura Shallcross
Laura Shallcross is a contributor at SBLY Media.