Interracial couple give birth to rare black and white twins. 7 years later do it again
They make beautiful children!
Ma Fatima Garcia

Alison Spooner and Dean Durrant fell in love and got married.

They were thrilled when they found out that they were having twins!

Alison and Dean were starting a family and were getting ready to be parents. They knew it wasn’t going to be easy raising twins, but they were also very excited.


The couple welcomed Hayleigh and Lauren Durrant last 2001.

Everyone was in awe when they saw the two baby girls. They have different skin colors.

One of the twins was fair and had light hair, like her mom. But the second twin had dark skin and hair like her dad.

The twin’s parents revealed that while other people are amazed by the children’s uniqueness, other people would give insensitive comments.

Some would accuse them of lying, that the two girls weren’t and can’t be related because of their skin colors. Others would even ask for proof.

Seven years later, Alison became pregnant with twins – again!

Just like that, she gave birth to two beautiful baby girls, and yes, the same thing happened.

The babies, named Leah and Miya, also had different skin colors.

Miya looked like her dad and got her dark skin and hair. Her twin sister, Leah, got their mother’s fair skin, blue eyes, and even her red hair.

“There’s no easy way to explain it all. I’m still in shock myself,” Dean Durrant told CBS.

Indeed, what were the odds of this beautiful miracle?

According to Alison, it was hard when people approached and questioned them. At times, they would receive so many questions, but nothing too harsh.

“Even non-identical twins aren’t that common,” Dr. Sarah Jarvis of Britain’s Royal College of General Practitioners told CBS.

Indeed, two sets of twins, both with different colored skin, are more than just rare. Also, both sets of twins are fraternal and not identical, so that’s another fact to celebrate.

How awesome is that? This family is truly blessed.

“Non-identical twins from mixed parents, of different races, less common still. To have two eggs fertilized and come out different colors, less common still. So, to have it happen twice must be one in millions,” Dr. Sarah added.

As Hayleigh and Lauren Durrant grew older, they learned to face the reality that some people are not kind.

They often get confused, even judgmental stares from people who learn that they are twins.

Still, both the girls handled each situation with kindness and understanding.

They learned that their uniqueness adds to their beauty and they are all so happy and proud of their skin colors.

Their family is still enjoying their lives. Hayleigh and Lauren Durrant have blossomed into two beautiful and kind ladies, while Miya and Leah are already kids.

The sisters are really close and are even inseparable. They’re not just twins; they are also best friends.

They also don’t get tired of seeing people’s faces and reactions after telling their unique and beautiful stories.

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