Seven Life Lessons From Great Fathers

June 11th, 2020

People have a range of relationships with their fathers. If you’re lucky, you’ve had one who is there for you, and always ready to step in to help you in both the easy ways, and the hard. It’s important to remember the big lessons that we learn from the good dads in our lives and take stock of the wisdom they can give us not only through what they say, but through their actions too.

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1. Time with family is sacred.

Among the chaos of life, and all of its hectic curveballs, it can seem nearly impossible at times to spend the quality time with family that we want. The good dads of the world however, seem to be able to make it work. It’s a story we’ve heard time and time again; aged dad looks back at their lives and wishes they’d spent more quality time with their kids. Good dads will show us by example that the time you spend together is sacred. You don’t always get a second chance.

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2. They lead by example.

It’s important for the dads in our lives to provide an example for us to follow because often whether or not we like it, sometimes we end up becoming like them for better or for worse. If you don’t want your kids to know what you’re up to…maybe it’s best not to do. The good dads live by the standards they set.

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3. You gotta put the work in.

Growing up with a dad who you can see knows how to grind can give you an intrinsic appreciation for the power of hard work. With a good work ethic, we can get more done, find success and be the masters of our own destinies. Without growing up with a figure like that to witness, that can be a hard lesson to learn yourself, and it can be a slow one to learn too. That’s why we need to be grateful for the examples our dads can set.

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4. Practice makes perfect.

Anyone who’s had a dad who has kept their hand on the back of your bicycle seat time and time again as you try your hardest to learn to ride it will have learnt a valuable lesson. If you want to get good at anything, you need to be prepared to practice, practice and practice some more.

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5. Face your challenges.

Life has a funny way of throwing all kinds of unexpected challenges at us. Dads can teach us that when these curveballs come at us, it’s best to face them head-on. Don’t run away from the little tests that life gives us. Grab them by the horns and tackle them. Your job, your relationships, no matter what it is, a valuable lesson is to find your strength and use it in trying times to not be defeated by them.

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6. Always do what’s right.

For many people, our dads are the people we look to to teach us right from wrong. They can also teach us not only the difference between the two, but that choosing the “right” option is what you should always do. They can be our first heroes, and our moral barometers in life.

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7. Slow and steady is just fine

Just as dads can teach us “right”, they can also teach us that good things come to those who wait, and work for what they want. As Rome wan’t built in a day, they can help us to understand that the things we want in life may not come to us overnight, but can help us remember our determination and to stay on the paths we’ve chosen to reach our dreams.

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What lessons has your dad taught you?

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