Toddler Gives Dad Adorable Doctor Checkup

July 8th, 2020

There are a lot of college students who struggle with what career path to take. But on the other hand – some kids know what they want to be when they “grow up” from the time they’re small.

One three-year-old from California has already decided that his dream profession is to be a doctor. In fact, he’s even getting good practice in every day thanks to his supportive dad!

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A video of the pair is going viral and it’s spreading cuteness all across the internet.

Most parents would do anything to support their kids’ interests – whether it’s investing in baseball equipment, sacrificing a clean kitchen for art projects, or sitting down for princess tea parties. This San Diego dad is no different!

When Dequan Nichols learned his little boy, Jakobi, wanted to become a doctor, he hopped online to purchase him some toy medical equipment. He also decided to help out his son in the most adorable way.

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Every doctor needs a patient.

Going in for a health check-up isn’t an activity most would consider “fun.” That is unless three-year-old Dr. Jakobi is the one wearing the stethoscope!

Dequan volunteers to be his son’s patient on a daily basis, which allows him to practice his medical skills. The boy has everything he needs, including glasses, a clipboard, a doctor’s coat, and more.

As for knowing what to do during an appointment, the dad told GMA:

“He picked up everything on his own just by going to the doctor himself.”

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A clip of one of their daily check-ups is melting hearts all over.

In the viral video, Dequan is sitting on the couch ready for his appointment. Dr. Jakobi asks him his name (Dada, of course) and then inquires about “what happened.” Like a true professional, the boy’s got his plastic clipboard to record notes.

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What seems to be the problem?

Dequan explains to the doc what happened that morning, saying:

“So, I woke up. I had a little cramp in my neck and my neck kept doing this…”

Taking his patient role seriously, Dequan gives him a demonstration of the issue by twitching. In response, Jakobi sweetly has a question for his dad…

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Even the doctor is perplexed.

Dequan explains his neck issue to the doctor once again – only the boy is naturally curious about his dad’s twitching.

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Time to get down to business.

Checking your heart seems to be one of the first things a doctor does. So, after telling Dr. Jakobi about his symptom, Dequan requests to have his checked too.

The doc holds up his stethoscope and listens to his patient’s heart. Only what he hears leaves him looking shocked! Normally it’s not the type of response you’d want to get while at the doctor’s office… But in this case, it’s super-cute!

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People fell in love with the video after Dequan posted it on Instagram.

The dad (who also enjoys playing basketball with his son) was amazed by how far the clip reached. He told GMA:

“I wasn’t even going to post it until my friends told me I should. People have seen the video in India and Brazil. It’s just crazy.”

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It looks like Jakobi has a bright future ahead of him! For now though, how adorable is it that he gets to have a great time playing with his dad.

You can watch this heartwarming doctor check-up for yourself below!

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