Big sister’s response when baby sister cries garners millions of views online
When mom heard her youngest daughter cry she rushed to get her only to find her in the arms of her oldest daughter.
Jaclyn Abergas

Every parent wishes for their older children to help out in taking care of their younger siblings.

There are some who get this wish. And there are some who have to pacify each child to avoid fighting.

Erin, a.k.a. Mama Bear Bliss, is so blessed with her eldest child, Declan.

Declan is 6 years old. She has two younger siblings, 3-year-old Norah, and 1-year-old Emmy. And she adores her younger sisters.

Erin and her husband, Bryce, are so blessed because they can count on Declan to pacify her sisters when they need it.

In this viral video, Erin’s youngest daughter, Emmy, was crying on the sofa and Declan quickly ran over to comfort her.

She held Emmy in her arms and caressed her cheeks to calm her.

“I went to get up to go help her and kind of relieve her since she was the first one over there,” Erin shared with Good Morning America in a video interview. “And she turned to me and she said, ‘No, Mom, I got this.'”

Erin watched Declan as she gently stroked Emmy’s cheek to wipe away her tears.

YouTube - Good Morning America
YouTube - Good Morning America

She watched as Emmy’s breath began to slow down as the two sisters locked eyes with each other.

“Just the way she was caring for her baby sister and the things she was doing and saying and just her mannerisms were so soft-spoken,” Erin added. “She had that instinct of patience and kindness. And she didn’t let herself catch the feelings of her little sister but, instead, held those feelings of comfort. And I was so proud of her for that.”

YouTube - Good Morning America
YouTube - Good Morning America

When the camera turned on Declan, she answered truthfully.

“I know it’s hard work for Mom so I just help them when they need help, like with baby sisters,” Declan said.

The viewers were so amazed at Erin and Declan.

“With all the bad in the world, this gives me hope! What a wonderful and beautiful little girl. Mom you’re doing an awesome job raising your children!” Kimberly K said.

“What a wonderful loving little girl, and what a great mother! She’s clearly passed her loving, nurturing heart on to her daughter. I love this,” Hilarie Calijo added.

YouTube - Good Morning America
YouTube - Good Morning America

“Aww that is just too beautiful I’m not going to cry but there are onions in the air lol I love how she holds the baby head while she’s holding her,” Truchrissy76 gushed.

Erin is only 28 years old and this family wasn’t in her original plan.

“I always had a blueprint engrained in my mind as my life plan: After college, I’d climb the ladder of corporate America, buy a house, marriage right before 30, kids a little while after,” Erin wrote on her Instagram post. “What a blessing that blueprint was written in pencil. It was quickly and easily, happily erased. And looking at these little ladies beside me, I’d take the same exact path, at the same exact time, if I had to do it all over again.”

With all the blessings and happiness she’s experiencing now, Erin is definitely where she exactly needs to be.

Do you want to see how Declan comforted her little sister? Watch the video below.

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By Jaclyn Abergas
Jaclyn Abergas is a contributor at SBLY Media.