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Child Is Hospitalized After Using Dollar Store Makeup Kit

April 6th, 2018

There’s nothing more than a parent wants than their children to be happy. That’s why they often cave in when their child asks for something during a shopping trip.

But parents Kylie and Tony Cravens are warning parents to think twice about the items they buy for their kids.

Most parents never think twice about grabbing a toy or item from the dollar store for their children. And neither did the Cravens.

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TonyKylie Cravens Source: TonyKylie Cravens

But doing this turned into their worst nightmare and gave their daughter a terrible reaction which required her hospitalization.

The Cravens bought their daughter a child’s makeup set from their local dollar store.

“For Tony and I this was definitely an eye-opener and we will be more cautious about acknowledging ingredients and educating ourselves on what is good and bad before purchasing from here on out,” Kylie wrote on Facebook.

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TonyKylie Cravens Source: TonyKylie Cravens

They assumed the kit was non-toxic and safe for children.

They’ve even bought a similar kit from a different brand before and had no problems with it.

“There are 6 different chemicals in this makeup that are commonly known to cause an allergic reaction. Lydia, unfortunately, was one of those people allergic, and for the past week she has been going through a severe allergic reaction SO SEVERE she had to be admitted to Carle pediatrics in Champaign.”

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TonyKylie Cravens Source: TonyKylie Cravens

Lydia’s eyes became blistered and swollen shut and rash broke out over her entire body. Her skin was literally burning and required cold packs to be applied to it every 30 minutes.

The poor little child was barely able to eat for days because her lips were cracked and blistered to badly.

I can’t imagine how horrible it must have been for these parents to watch their little girl suffering like this. Especially since they bought her the makeup kit, despite the fact that they aren’t to blame for the situation.

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TonyKylie Cravens Source: TonyKylie Cravens

“I usually don’t do this. It’s usually my wife that does the posting, but as I sit here and watch my baby girl sleep, I can’t do anything but weep uncontrollably. All the tears that I have watched my baby girl cry, all the screams in pain and all the times she would say, ‘I hate being sick daddy’ — I’m not man enough for this,” Lydia’s dad, Tony, said on Facebook.

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TonyKylie Cravens Source: TonyKylie Cravens

“I don’t wanna hear any more screams or ring out any more cold rags to lay across my baby’s face or across her back. I just want this to be over. I wanna wake up in the morning and see her get out of bed on her own, or the first thing she wants to do is play kitchen. I want to see her smile again.”

Kylie is begging parents to be cautious when purchasing items like this for their family.

“Please!!! Check ingredients thoroughly before purchasing. If you’re going to allow things like this for your children, just know what it is you’re exposing them to,” she said.

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TonyKylie Cravens Source: TonyKylie Cravens

Thankfully it wasn’t long before Tony got to see his little girl smile again.

Lydia was sent home from the hospital and is healing well and feeling a lot better.

“I was very scared for a few days but now that my baby is doing so great,” Kylie said. “I wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Your love and prayer and The Good Lord got us through this!”

You can see their original post below.

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I'm making this post because I feel like it is very important to remind parents to be very careful about what we allow…

Posted by TonyKylie Cravens onSaturday, March 17, 2018

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