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Man Find Unattended Baby Walking In The Street

April 9th, 2018

Any parent with a child knows how easy it is for them to slip away and get into some trouble. You turn your head around for one minute and they are covered in peanut butter or your wall is now a crayon Picasso.

While this means that your house and belongings are at risk, it also means your child could be at risk for being in danger.

It’s all too often that we hear that a parent turns their head for just a minute only to find that someone came along and snatched their child or that their child wound up falling into their pool or something terrible like that.

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That’s why one man is warning parents to keep a close watch on their children and make sure that they know where their little ones are at all times.

In April 2016, he and his wife were on their way home from a grocery store when they spotted a toddler in the middle of the road in Delhi Township, Cincinnati.

“People I am not lying regarding what I am about to say. Me and my wife was on the way home from Kroger’s and in the middle of the road (I still can’t believe what I am typing),” the man explained in a video caption. “We came across a toddler. YES, I SAID TODDLER in the middle of the road. I had to look 3 times because I could not believe what I was seeing.”

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They were completely shocked and stopped their car to see if that baby was alright. Thankfully, she was despite the fact that cars were driving down the street as the baby was wandering around down the road.

She even waved at the couple and didn’t seem to be afraid of strangers.

“As my wife stopped the jeep the baby turned and started to wave at us,” the man explained. “I get out of the jeep and start walking to the baby yelling, ‘WHOSE BABY IS THIS?'”

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Luckily, the cars passing by had enough sense to stop so that the baby was safe.

“A person was stopped coming the other way on the other side of the baby. It wasn’t until I get to the baby these people coming running from a backyard,” the man recalls. “What I assume is the mother saying ‘I thought you was sleeping.’ I replied, ‘ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?’ I gave her the child and walked away to go call the police.”

The man was extremely mad, to say the least.

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His car’s dash cam caught the entire thing on tape.

“I am so F$&@ing mad right now. This baby could of got hit or taken and they would of not had a clue. I think the only reason why they came from behind the house is I was yelling,” he explains. “ALL THIS IS CAUGHT ON MY DASH CAM People I dont care what you are doing KNOW WHERE YOUR KIDS ARE it only takes a second and your kids can be gone or worse DEAD.”

He said later that he didn’t post the video to shame or place blame on the parents but to warn parents that they need to pay attention.

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“The sad fact we see this everyday just not with a child this young. When you see a baby in the middle of the road alone it hits you in the heart. Kids are a special gift from God and they need to be treated as such. Again the upload of this video is so people will think twice when they have little ones,” he said.

“Not to place blame on the parent. I had no choice but to call the police just due the way people are in today’s world. It was to cover my back who’s the say that the parent would call the police and say I tried to kidnap the child. If it was to get the parent in trouble I would of stayed there and waited for the police.”

Watch the man’s full video below.

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