Man on train waits for woman’s son to fall asleep before passing note to mom
The train was busy and mom had no idea she was being observed. ๐Ÿ’˜
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When it comes to traveling with a small child in tow, there’s no question that the task isn’t easy.

There’ll be no kicking back to “enjoy the ride”. No, you better come prepared better than Merlin with his bottomless bag of tricks.

If you’re no wizard and just a mom on a train with a toddler, however, there are a few things you can do to keep them entertained.

On the other hand, when you jump through all these hoops and are faced with a temper tantrum staring you down in a public space, it can be easy to feel a bit judged.

Sammie Welch can tell you all about it.


The 23-year-old mom was traveling on a train with her three-year-old son Rylan. It was the second train they’d taken that day, and it was going to be a six-hour trip.

Needless to say, Rylan was over it.

Sammie tried everything to keep Rylan busy so he’d be happy and well-behaved.

Daily Mail reported that the single mom entertained him with activities like counting sheep, coloring, and reading.

They also chatted with people, ate sandwiches and fruit, enjoyed listening to music on an MP3 player, and more.

After all of the fun, Sammie snuggled with her son and he eventually went to sleep in her lap.


She didn’t know she was being observed.

During the trip, there was a man sitting opposite Sammie and Rylan on the train.

While the busy young mom didn’t notice the guy, she sure stood out to him.

YouTube Screenshot - Good Morning Britain
YouTube Screenshot - Good Morning Britain

He was going to tell her so.

Once he reached his stop, the man tapped Sammie on the shoulder.

He passed her a folded up piece of paper and said, “I think you dropped this…,” then walked away.

Sammie was surprised, as she had no clue who the man was, nor what was inside of the paper.


She opened it and was amazed.

In addition to a hand-written message, there was a ยฃ5 note (close to seven U.S. dollars). The letter said:

“Have a drink on me. You are a credit to your generation – polite & teaching the little boy good manners.”


The mystery man had more to say.

“P.S. I have a daughter your age. Someone did the same for her once! Hope when she has children she is as good a mother as you!”

He then closed it by saying: “Man on train at table in glasses & hat. Have a lovely evening.”

The mom was completely touched by the stranger’s sweet message and thoughtful gesture.

She had to know more.

Sammie was so moved in fact, that she made it her mission to find the kind stranger so she could pass along her appreciation.

She shared what happened on social media and then with the news. It quickly went viral.

Days later, 50-year-old Ken Saunders reached out after seeing the story in the newspaper. The mystery man was finally revealed and they were all able to meet.

YouTube Screenshot - Good Morning Britain
YouTube Screenshot - Good Morning Britain

Turns out, he enjoys performing good deeds.

For Sammie, it meant the world to be complimented on her parenting. It was also a beautiful act that she’ll never forget. She told Daily Mail:

“I was just being a normal mum, but when I read the note I felt this incredible warmth. Iโ€™ve read it so many times now โ€”you should see the state of it. And every time I read it, I feel warm again. Its effect hasnโ€™t gone and I donโ€™t think it ever will.”

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Hear Sammie recall her interaction with the man on the train in her own words in the video below!

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