Twins Discovers Marshmallows In The Cupboard - Once They Each Taste One, There's No Going Back
I can't stop laughing at these two!
Ryan Aliapoulios

When we’re babies, curiosity is an important trait to have.

After we’ve first been born, our brains are essentially blank slates with tons of possible connections to make. As a result, we’re born very curious so that we can investigate as many different connections as we can. Sometimes those connection lead to how we learn our first language, how to walk and how to relate to other people. Still, on the road to those bigger achievements are many more modest ones—some of which are adorable.

That was the case for one story with two of the cutest twin babies you’ve ever seen.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

The video starts with a father holding the camera while asking his children, Ady and Sarah, a question.

“What did you get?” he says, as they rummage through the pantry. After a moment, it’s clear what the two little kids have found: it’s a bag of mini-marshmallows. Clearly seeing an opportunity for an incredible baby video, the dad sets up a plate on the ground between takes and invites the twins over, offering to help open up the bag of marshmallows. After a few moments, he gets the bag open and puts some on the plate for Ady and Sarah.

Once they pop a few of these sweet treats in their mouths, there’s no going back.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Before long, the girls are finishing off the entire plate of mini-marshmallows!

The twins each show incredible enthusiasm for each marshmallow they eat, starting first with just one at a time. At the end, however, one of the girls wises up to the process. Instead of grabbing just one of the treats, she grabs two entire handfuls and shoves them all in her mouth! The dad, meanwhile, is laughing hysterically in the background, shouting, “that’s too many!”

Finally, the other sister grabs the empty plate—and extends her hand for more candy.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

As it turns out, innocence and curiosity are helpful in many different circumstances—even if it only means stealing marshmallows from your sister!

In all seriousness, the clip of Ady and Sarah playing with their dad is warming hearts worldwide and has more than eight million views. In addition to being one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen, Ady and Sarah’s marshmallow competition is a cute reminder of what it means to be a kid again.

Kudos to dad for letting his daughters have as much candy as they want—and for getting it all on camera!

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