Mom sheds sensible light on why she “fully expects” 6-year-old to help around house
Her logic has gotten a lot of attention since she put it out there.
Elijah Chan

Nikkole Paulun, a Michigan mom, has sparked widespread discussion and approval with a Facebook post about her progressive parenting approach.

In her viral post, she shares how she teaches her son to perform household chores.

Not just as a way to help around the house but as a fundamental part of growing into a responsible, independent adult.

Facebook - Nikkole Ledda
Facebook - Nikkole Ledda

Nikkole’s method emphasizes the importance of preparing her son for the future.

Especially when cooking, cleaning, and managing a home are crucial life skills that everyone should learn, regardless of gender.

Facebook - Nikkole Ledda
Facebook - Nikkole Ledda

In an era where discussions about gender roles are prevalent, Nikkole champions the idea that chores should not be divided by gender lines.

She believes that fostering an environment where her son can learn all aspects of household management will equip him for any living situation in adulthood, whether he’s sharing responsibilities with a partner or living alone.

This approach encourages an understanding that the responsibility of maintaining a home should be shared, not divided along traditional gender stereotypes.

Of course, her approach has sparked some conversation.

Facebook - Nikkole Ledda
Facebook - Nikkole Ledda

Nikkole’s educational method is hands-on and practical.

She actively teaches her son the skills needed to perform house chores efficiently.

This includes cooking meals, doing laundry, and keeping the living space clean and orderly.

Her rationale is simple- these are essential skills for anyone’s self-sufficiency and should be taught early in life.

The public reaction to Nikkole’s post was overwhelmingly positive, garnering over 113,000 likes and numerous supportive comments, indicating that her message resonated with many people.

This response underscores a growing societal shift towards parenting styles that focus on preparing children for real-world responsibilities through practical learning experiences.

Nikkole’s approach to parenting is shaped by her own experiences and the lessons she learned growing up.

She’s proactive about sharing these insights on social media, contributing to the broader conversation about parenting and gender roles.

Her advice, while practical, challenges societal norms surrounding domestic responsibilities.

Facebook - Nikkole Ledda
Facebook - Nikkole Ledda

Readers of Nikkole’s post shared their own experiences and the positive impacts of similar parenting styles.

One reader commented, “Thank you. My husband’s mom did the same thing. My husband works hard every day but still comes home and helps with dishes, homework, and does laundry on weekends, and even helps cook. I like it because we do it together and this is time spent together.”

Another added, “100% I have 3 guys myself, ages 22, 17, and 15….they all have chores, can cook, and have each done their own laundry since they were 12.

I refuse to have them think someone else will do all that stuff for them later on. Everyone lives in the house and everyone has to take care of the house.”

Facebook - Tina Levine
Facebook - Tina Levine

Another viewer share a picture of her own son, saying, “My son cooking me breakfast! I teach mine the same thing. He helps with laundry, vacuums, washes windows and does yard work. They’ll only be great men if we teach them how!”

These reflections illustrate a shared understanding and appreciation for Nikkole’s philosophy that contributing to household tasks builds character, work ethic, and prepares children for a balanced, capable adulthood.

But, what do you think about it?

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By teaching her son these skills, Nikkole aims to raise an individual who can take care of himself but also one who understands the value of contribution and teamwork in family life.

Learn more about Nikkole’s insightful approach to teaching her son the value of housework in her original post below!

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