This mom came up with a fantastic hack to get some rest

September 24th, 2019

Having a newborn is exhausting. There’s no secret there. For many, it will feel like working three jobs at a time.

There will be so many things that need to get done urgently, but you’ll struggle to find the time to do them.

It doesn’t help that you won’t get much sleep either. Say goodbye to eight hours of sleep every night; you’ll be lucky if you get four uninterrupted hours of sleep.

Don’t get me wrong, being a parent is amazing and very fulfilling, but it isn’t easy. So when someone finds a hack to give you two or more hours of your day back, it’s worth taking note.

Seeking a solution

Sheena Turner was faced with a problem that many new mothers face every day. She needed to get things done, but her eight-month-old daughter, Kelani, wouldn’t let her.

Fast asleep in a baby carrier and against her mother’s body, Kelani was peaceful. If her mom tried to put her down or tried to work with Kelani on her back, it’d wake Kelani, and she’d cause a ruckus.

Sheena was already tired from carrying Kelani on her back for hours, and she didn’t have the energy to deal with Kelani wailing through the day. So she brainstormed.

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Sheena Turner via CafeMom Source: Sheena Turner via CafeMom

A genius idea

Her daughter liked to be in the carrier and against her mom’s body. Sheena needed something that could safely hold her daughter in the carrier, and that was soft enough for Kelani to think she was against her mom’s body.

Sheena’s first thought was to use one of the bar chairs they have at home, but she felt the chairs weren’t sturdy or safe enough to hold Kelani’s weight. The idea with the chairs wasn’t too far off, though.

All she needed was something sturdy and soft at the same time – her couch.

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Sheena Turner via Facebook Source: Sheena Turner via Facebook

A little ingenuity

It wasn’t as simple as the pictures above look. Sheena had to carefully take off the carrier so as not to stir her daughter. Then she needed to fasten the straps of the carrier onto the couch in a way that was safe and comfortable for Kelani.

Kelani was all set. She looked peaceful and couldn’t tell she had been “scammed.”

The result, Kelani slept for two hours straight while her mom made lunch and did a few chores around the house.

When Kelani finally woke up, she had a very confused look, as though she could tell something wasn’t right. However, the couch’s backrest was comfy, and she quickly drifted back to sleep, giving her mom more time to do things.

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Sheena Turner via Facebook Source: Sheena Turner via Facebook

A viral idea

When Sheena shared the pictures of her discovery on Facebook, it went viral. In just a month, the post has 15,000 likes, more than 21,000 comments, and more than 57,000 shares. Those figures are still growing every day.

I mean, who wouldn’t appreciate this stroke of genius?

What other hacks are out there?

Playdates with family or friendsThe chances are that you have friends or family who happen to be parents like you. Why not invite them over? One of you can watch the kids while the other catches up on some much-needed sleep. After a few hours, you can switch so they can get some rest too. You’ll be surprised at how a few more hours of sleep can change your life.

Hire a helperWhen children are young, it isn’t uncommon for us to feel like we can’t leave the house or be away for too long. Your schedule starts to run based on your child’s behavior. As a result, you have very little time to take care of yourself. Things like going to the gym or working on your hobbies take a back seat.

When was the last time you left the house? Even a change of scenery can do wonders.

Hiring some help, even for a few hours a week, gives you time to focus on the things that keep you sane. It isn’t enough to sleep; you need some “me time” to fight all the exhaustion that’s been building up.

Your mood will improve, and you’ll find that you have more energy and patience to deal with all the madness that comes with being a parent.

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Sheena Turner via Facebook Source: Sheena Turner via Facebook

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