Mom And Dad Take Care Of 15 Children
Lyette Reback has 15 children to manage, and she does so with elegance!
Ashley Brewer

For many people, having a family and raising children is one of the greatest joys in life. One, two, three, or even five children is commonplace. But could you imagine having over a dozen kids under one roof?

Having one or two kids in a household is challenging — Lyette Reback has 15 kids to manage.

Reback was an only child; she had always dreamed of having a large family when she grew up. She certainly fulfilled that dream by creating a family of 15 children — both biological and adopted.


If that wasn’t impressive enough — Reback doesn’t only raise her children, she also homeschools all of them and runs a blog about her unique, large family. Oh, and the Rebacks also have a few dogs as well.

After a year of marriage, Reback and her husband welcomed their first child into the world. She never imagined she would end up with so many children.

“Running a household of 15, I like to think of it as probably equivalent to running a small to medium-sized business,” Reback says as she describes what it’s like managing her huge family.


Reback says that her kitchen runs similarly to a restaurant. They are constantly cooking meals and feeding their hungry, growing kids. She says that they probably serve as much food in her household as some cafes.

Even though their lifestyle can feel a bit hectic — David Reback says that he wouldn’t trade it for the world. He wishes everyone could experience as much love as they do.

How about sibling rivalry? You’d think it would be an issue. However, the kids say that they absolutely love having so many brothers and sisters. They are living in a house with all of their closest friends.

When asked to think about the good times they’ve had with their mom, her children couldn’t help but tear up thinking about all of the wonderful moments. It’s clear that Reback is an incredible mother by the way her kids speak about her.


Reback shows so much love, compassion, and empathy when she speaks about her children. This enormous family really knows the true meaning of family, and it’s apparent in the video below.

The Reback family is nothing short of admirable — they are truly an inspiration and deserve an applause.

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