Mom has bad feeling about ex’s new girlfriend, horrified to discover her instincts were right
A mother always knows.
Valerie Ablang

The love of a mother to her child is unconditional.

Most moms would do anything to protect their kids.

Meet Erica Hammel from Michigan.

She has always dreamed of having a happy family after losing her mom at 16.

Erica met the man of her dreams when she was 18 and married him after a few years, hoping to make her dreams come true.

Erica and her husband were eventually blessed with a son.

Born on October 12, 2012, Wyatt was delivered healthy and brought the couple so much happiness.

However, months after their having a baby, Erica’s husband stopped coming home at night.

Despite wanting the best, she knew her marriage already failed, but she could not let emotions win over her so she could take care of her baby.

She eventually divorced her husband after finding out the truth about his affair.

Erica met Rachel Edwards, the woman her ex-husband was seeing, and she immediately felt something off, which is why she was not happy that he was asking for custody.

Pexels - cottonbro studio
Pexels - cottonbro studio

Hammel tried to find ways in order to prevent it from happening but could not gather enough evidence to prove her hunch.

Then, she received a horrifying phone call about his son.

Wyatt’s father called Erica to tell her that their kid was rushed to the hospital.

Her ex-husband told her their son was left with Ms. Edwards, and Erica suddenly felt afraid for Wyatt.

Pexels - Karolina Grabowska
Pexels - Karolina Grabowska

Upon arriving at the hospital, the doctor advised her that Wyatt must undergo surgery immediately.

Wyatt suffered an injury known as Shaken Baby Syndrome.

The poor kid had a brain bleed, fractured skull, broken ribs, bilateral retina hemorrhages, and torn gums, which are consistent with those who also had the same case.

When Wyatt’s case reached the prosecutor’s office, it was declared homicide and he was not expected to survive.

Erica was devastated to learn that Rachel Edwards indeed has a criminal history and was sentenced days before she had her hands on her baby.

A mother’s cry for justice led to…Wyatt’s Law.

Erica came up with a draft that would create a public child abuser registry/ database to prevent what happened to her son from occurring to others.

She started an online petition for her goal and contacted local legislators.

Her efforts were not left in vain, and the bill was eventually introduced to the public.

Wyatt’s Law was first introduced in Michigan and signed into effect last May 5, 2022.

“While Erica and Wyatt will always feel the impacts of child abuse, this law will bring justice for countless other families by helping prevent abuse before it can happen,” said State Representative Kevin Hertel.

The road to protect kids from abuse is not yet over!

It was difficult for Erica to raise a kid with special needs single-handedly, but she fought through thousands of struggles.

Pexels - Lara Jameson
Pexels - Lara Jameson

Unfortunately, Rachel Edwards was granted parole and will soon become a free woman again.

She wanted a new law implemented nationwide.

Get to know more about Wyatt’s Law by watching the video below.

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