Mom Loses It When Son Surprises Her On Her 60th Birthday

May 23rd, 2018

We all miss our families when we are apart from them. This is especially so during special occasions. And Charlie’s mom was surely missing him on her 6oth birthday.

Thankfully, the rest of her family was there to make the day extra special for her.

But little did she know Charlie would help make her day special too. Charlie made sure to video chat with his mother to say ‘Happy Birthday.’

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And Charlie’s mom is overjoyed to see him, even if it is only on the internet.

“Hello, darling!” she calls out as she sees his face and claps her hands.

The rest of his family is happy to see him too! Mom even spins the computer around so that he can see everyone and all of the birthday gifts she got

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“Darling before you say a word, I came back from my lovely time and…” she tells Charlie as she holds the flowers he got her up to her face.

She looks so happy, it’s absolutely adorable.

“Oh you got them,” he says.

“They’re beautiful!” she exclaims.

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“Just before you say a word,” he tells her. “I actually have got something being delivered to you now. It’s just outside the door. What number are you?”

She tells him 69. And by the look on her face, she knows that something is up.

She is looking pretty startled when she hears the doorbells ring. That’s when she starts to lose it.

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“Nooo!” she shrieks putting her hands up to the side of her face.

Everyone in the background starts laughing.

They tell her to go open the door but she is still in shocks and keeps saying “No!” They keep urging her but she’s full out crying at this point with her head in her hands.

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“No…. no… I can’t!” she tells them after they urge “Mom, go get the door!” several times.

Finally, she gets up. But not without squealing and crying the whole way.

Eventually, she starts running toward the toward the door and eagerly swings it open. She takes one look, sees her son, and throw her arms around his neck.

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“Happy birthday,” he says hugging his mom who is basically sobbing in his arms holding tight. “Happy birthday, Mum.”

Boy did he get her good!

The video was posted on LADbible’s Facebook page where it ended up going viral and receiving more than 13 million views. This mom’s reaction is absolutely priceless. You can watch it below.

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