Woman has had fallopian tubes removed – floored when doctor says she pregnant with ‘miracle baby’

February 13th, 2020

Twelve years ago, Heather Nicole Mccreery gave birth to her son. It was then that doctors discovered a football-sized tumor and were forced to remove one ovary and one fallopian tube.

At the time, she elected not to have surgery on the other side but a women’s health specialist told her that eventually the other tube and ovary would need to be removed.

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Heather Nicole McCreery via Love What Matters Source: Heather Nicole McCreery via Love What Matters

That moment came in January of 2019 – but her obstetrician needed to remove just her other fallopian tube. She still has her left ovary.

For those who missed health class, fallopian tubes are critical in allowing a woman to get pregnant – they both help a woman’s egg travel from the ovaries down to the uterus and help sperm travel up from the uterus.

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Wikimedia Commons Source: Wikimedia Commons

Without fallopian tubes, it should be impossible to get pregnant.

In a story that eventually ended up on the website Love What Matters, Mccreery explained:

“I have one ovary and a uterus…all the paperwork I have signed and the surgeries I’ve had indicate I have NO TUBES. Once again, they aren’t tied. They aren’t burnt. They aren’t cut. They are GONE.”

And yet, she’s pregnant.

In a Facebook announcement in early February she said:

“Well, it’s official. I literally have a miracle baby growing in my uterus! This is the impossible…possible.”

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Heather Nicole McCreery via Love What Matters Source: Heather Nicole McCreery via Love What Matters

Doctors couldn’t believe it so Mccreery went through quite a bit of trauma being shuttled around to different doctors who all tried to figure out what was going on.

“Now, this was a terrifying situation for me. Especially being told by ER staff that I will most likely need emergency surgery because ‘this is not a normal pregnancy and the baby implanting is life threatening.’ Only to be later sent to another ER where they performed an ultrasound and found this baby safely growing in my uterus. I have never been so shocked, scared, confused in my life.”

So not only did they realize she was unexpectedly pregnant but the fetus was in her womb (uterus) – and without fallopian tubes, no one can figure out how that happened.

“I’ve been in hospitals all day and night, have had the life scared out of me with different theories, only to finally find out that I am indeed pregnant and the baby IS in my womb, not randomly implanted somewhere inside of me!”

Ectopic pregnancies can occur even in healthy women when a fertilized egg begins to develop somewhere outside the uterus and those don’t proceed normally since a fetus can’t grow outside the uterus. But after examining her, doctors realized that’s not what was happening here.

Mccreery calls her pregnancy a “miracle.”

“Y’all THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE! But yet…here it is. A true miracle in the works,” she wrote in her story on Love What Matters.

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Heather Nicole McCreery via Love What Matters Source: Heather Nicole McCreery via Love What Matters

While she doesn’t want to spread false hope to others and wasn’t even planning to have more kids, she’s thrilled with the surprise. And while there were doubters, she assured people the did not have IVF or any other “secret fertility surgery.”

She shared an update a few days later, saying she had met with her obstetrician and that he was in shock.

“My obstetrician is floored! He double-checked all his work, notes, and pictures from the surgery from January. He even gave me proof that he performed the procedure and my tube is, in fact, gone. He also did another ultrasound because he didn’t want to believe it and had to see it for his own eyes.”

She also announced that her baby’s heartbeat was “good and strong” at 8 weeks pregnant.

There’s one possible explanation for this medical “miracle”:

“He [her obstetrician] said the only thing he can think of, is maybe 11 years ago the other doctor didn’t remove my tube. He doesn’t have those records. He said by his observations during surgery, my left ovary was gone and there was scar tissue where my left tube should have been. However, he said he didn’t investigate further and look under the scar tissue because he had no reason to believe the tube may be under scar tissue until now.”

After her baby is born, Mccreery will get a complete hysterectomy and her doctor will take pictures and “open up the scar tissue to see if there is a tube or part of a tube.”

“After all, that is the only explanation he can think of.”

She trusts that her original doctor was competent but she’s not opposed to finding a scientific explanation.

Still, even her doctor is using the word “miracle.”

“At the end of my appointment he asked me if I am a religious person. I told him, ‘Not really.’ I mean, I believe, but I’m not exactly religious. He said he isn’t either. I told him that people keep calling the baby a miracle and he said, ‘Yes, exactly.’”

For the time being, Mccreery is going to believe in her miracle. However, she does have a health issue, a subchorionic hemorrhage around the sac that could put her fetus at risk.

“For now, my baby is there and their heartbeat is strong. Y’all, please pray for my baby miracle and his/her safety and health.”

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Source: LoveWhat Matters, Heather Nicole Mccreery via Facebook