Mom Shoves Kids Out Of Burning Home, Then Locks Herself Inside To Save Them

February 1st, 2018

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When a passerby stumbled upon the scene of a burning house in Newman Lake, Washington, he found two children, who had barely escape the devastating fire, standing outside the door. Inside the small home engulfed with flames, laid their unconscious mother and sister.

According to WLTX News, on October 29th around 2 a.m., Angel Fiorini, the mom of three, woke up coughing as black smoke suffocated her lungs. She immediately realized their home was on fire. In that moment, she quickly ran into each room to find her kids. She was able to get two of her children safely outside, 18-month-old Rosalie and 3-year-old Vinny. Her 7-year-old daughter Gianna was still in the burning house.

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When Angel went back inside to find Gianna, her two small children, who were worried about their mom, kept trying to re-enter the house. To ensure their safety, she closed the front door and continued her search for her daughter. With the door closed, smoke quickly filled the house and blinded Angel’s sight to the doorway. The brave mother used her body as a shield to protect her 7-year-old daughter from the flames. They both laid near the door, unconscious and badly burned.

As reported by Independent Journal Review, a Good Samaritan saw the smoke and hauled Angel and Gianna out of the house. The two youngest suffered minor injuries. Even with the protection of her selfless mother, Gianna had second-degree burns on about 14% of her body. The incredible 29-year-old super mom suffered second- and third- degree burns all over her body which required extensive skin grafts.

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Friends and family were not surprised by Angel’s heroic actions. A family member shared with KREM 2, “[Angel] holds down their family 100%. She’s strong and loving… When you get married to a woman, you hope that your wife will be like that.”

They say a mother’s love is the greatest kind of love. Angel’s remarkable act of bravery saved her family. She has made a successful recovery and is now reunited with her children.

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The fire had taken everything away from the family. Friends have set up a variety of donation pages. Help Angel and her family get back on their feet by donating to their GoFundMe page here.

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