Oprah Gives Ultimate Surprise To Single Working Mom

June 1st, 2018

Moms have it tough.

They often have to take care of the home, their kids, and work full time. Single moms have it even tougher. They have to do it all on their own, and most of the time, there is nobody there to give them a break. Still, moms do what they have to do to provide for their families. They get up every morning, make it through the day, and never complain or feel sorry for themselves.

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One mom has taken care of her three children by herself since they were just toddlers.

She worked three jobs to support them and make sure they had good lives. They had a rough start, but she managed to provide them with a home, food, and clothes and even sent all three to college. Denni is an amazingly devoted mother who always puts her children first.

After they were in a position to help themselves a little more, they decided it was time to help Denni. She deserved a break and so much more. So, one of them wrote a note to the “Oprah Winfrey Show.” The note said:

“I want to tell you about my mother, the most important person in my life. I would not be where I am today, in medical school, without her.”

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Oprah was amazed by the story, and she wanted to help the kids give back to their mother.

They decided that it was a good idea to surprise her and make her think she was coming on the show for a different reason. The kids were onboard, and they couldn’t wait to give their mother this amazing gift.

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Denni went on the show in 2010 and shared her story with Oprah and the world.

She said:

“He had taken everything we had, so I was left with absolutely nothing. We would live in the van for a period of time if we had to or in the homes of our friends. That time was complete turmoil in our lives.”

She explained how she started to find work and better their situation. Her son Jonathan also spoke up, saying:

“I don’t think that that would be possible without her and all that she gave up in her life to make our dreams come true.”

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Denni knew that she wanted her children to have better lives, and that meant they needed to go to college.

She worked even harder to make that possible for them. She said:

“[Education] was, to me, the one factor that I think would give them the greatest chance to be successful in life.”

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Oprah was hanging on every word, and she was ready to give Denni the amazing gift she and her staff had created for her.

Her kids were also excited to see the look on their mother’s face when she got it. Denni thought that getting to meet Oprah was enough of a gift. She told her:

“I came here to thank you and to say how much I admire you for being the ultimate educator to all of us all these years. You’ve been my inspiration.”

Oprah replied:

“The truth is, you represent every single mom out there who is breaking her back and sacrificing selflessly to make ends meet for herself and her family. But my producers did tell you a little fib. Today’s show is actually called ‘Ultimate Wildest Dreams.’ I wanted to do something that’s just for you. I do this for you on behalf of every mother out there who has sacrificed for her kids. I’m going to give you a year off. I’m going to pay for you to have a year’s salary.”

The Oprah Winfrey Show also paid off the remaining $78,000 in student loans that Denni had taken out for her children to go to college and even arranged for Denni and her children to take a free luxury vacation to Italy.

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Denni was completely shocked, and her children and the audience were thrilled for her.

After all her hard work, she was finally getting a break and getting to have something for herself. It was well-deserved. Hopefully, Denni enjoyed her time off and spent it doing things that make her happy.

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Source: Faith Tap, OWN