Mother of biracial twins hopes their photos will encourage people to 'love everyone equal'
"I hope that a lot of people can see that color really isn't a big thing." says the girls' father, "What's important is love."
Megan Bennett

As the late Michael Jackson sang in 1991, “It don’t matter if you’re black or white.” and that really is the truth.

Especially for twin sisters who look nothing alike.

Kalani and Jarani Dean were born just minutes apart but look totally different.

The twins’ parents, Whitney Meyer and Tomas Dean were totally surprised when the girls were born, and they came out looking nothing like the other.

Older sister Kalani is light-skinned and more closely resembles her white mother, while the younger Jarani is darker and more resembles her black father.

Whitney admits that when Kalani was born, the baby was so pale she asked the doctors if she was albino.

“Yeah, she’s a little light,” Tomas remembers thinking, “but I thought maybe babies are that way when they’re first born, But then a couple of minutes later, her sister came out a little darker.”

He continues by saying, “In a million years, I never thought I’d have a girl with blue eyes. I didn’t think I could pull that one off!”

While the twins may look different, Whitney says that “They’re the same girl, just different colors.”

The parents hope that the girls will inspire people to be more accepting and to realize that the color of one’s skin shouldn’t matter.

Both girls are beautiful and, more importantly, healthy and kind.

Their uniqueness has led to them becoming models for various children’s brands.

Whitney likes to dress the girls in the same clothes in the hopes that people will recognize how similar they actually are to each other.

They are definitely sisters, though and have many of the same likes and interests.

Along with the twins, Whitney and Tomas have two other children, both boys.

Their older brother is said to be very protective of the girls, he loves to help take care of them and read to them.

Their younger brother is still quite young, but all 3 of the older children adore him and love to play with him.

As the girls have grown up, Kalani’s skin has darkened a bit, and they now look more similar, though there is still a noticeable difference.

Having bi-racial twins is rare, it is not unheard of, and there have been multiple other cases.

Genetics is not an exact science and can have many different outcomes.

Pexels - Pixabay
Pexels - Pixabay

Geneticist, Dr. Bryce Mendelsohn, compares genetics to a deck of cards.

“They’re all randomly shuffling,” says the doctor, “you can get all kinds of outcomes.”

“When you flip a coin 8 times, sometimes it’s going to be heads all 8 times.”

Pexels - Cottonbro CG Studio
Pexels - Cottonbro CG Studio

The twins’ parents want people to understand that color shouldn’t matter.

“I hope that a lot of people can see that color really isn’t a big thing.” says the girls’ father, “What’s important is love.”

Their mother hopes that they can inspire people to “love everyone equally”.

Though they may look different, these young girls are both beautiful and special and deserving of respect from everyone they come across.

Check out the twins’ Instagram page here.

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