Pregnant Teen Confronts Boyfriend About Leaving Her - He Says 'She'll Have To Wait And See'
When everyone told Caitlin that her boyfriend would leave her, she decided to confront him about it. His reply brought her to tears.
Ryan Aliapoulios

We’re constantly warned as we’re growing up to be careful and to avoid teen pregnancies.

Despite whatever precautions teens may take, teen pregnancy still happens. No matter what the circumstances, pregnancy is always a very stressful time—especially when the parents are young and face so much public scrutiny. Making the decision to keep a baby as a teenager can be a difficult one. That was the case for Caitlin Fladager and her boyfriend Noah.

Still, the story of this young couple is particularly sweet.

While Fladager and her boyfriend loved one another, the idea of having a child was still very stressful.

Almost immediately, Fladager was treated badly by some of her fellow classmates and adults had negative comments for her. Some of them warned that if she kept the child, she would be left alone with it and Noah would leave her. After hearing so much negativity, Fladager was convinced that it was true—and told her boyfriend Noah about her fears. After hearing what she had to say, Noah simply told her that she’d have to wait and see what kind of parent he would be.

As it turns out, she was very pleasantly surprised.

Caitlin tweeted about her experiences, explaining exactly what the situation was:

Though the pair were only 17 when she became pregnant, Noah remained a dedicated father and has all kinds of adorable rituals with his four-year-old daughter, Arianna. The two have been married for four years—and Noah continually finds ways to treat his daughter and show her that he loves her.

According to Fladager, Noah keeps a picture of Arianna on his keychain with him at all times for a very special reason.

Since Arianna was born, Fladager and Noah have had another child, a little boy named Jack.

In both cases, both parents are doing everything they can for their children to make sure they lead happy and fulfilling lives. Although the idea of having a baby too young is one that frightens many young teens, it’s important to look at the individual details. With enough courage and the support of those closest to you, these situations can turn out alright after all. Above all, it helps when your partner remains supportive and loving throughout the entire process.

Congratulations to Caitlin and Noah on their happy family!

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