Little ringbearer melts hearts adorably greeting bride as she walks down the aisle
"We always planned for our son Pierson to be the ring bearer." Somehow I don't think this was part of the plan. 🥰
Randy Aragon

We’ve all heard the saying “mama’s boy,” and this young kid has no qualms about being one.

Even during his parents’ wedding, he just couldn’t help but show how much he really loves his mother…

This toddler was acting as ring bearer at his parents’ wedding, but couldn’t hold back when he saw his mommy walking down the aisle.

A sweet moment, to be sure.

Inside Edition - YouTube
Inside Edition - YouTube

Getting married is supposed to be one of the most memorable and special times in one’s life.

Thanks to young Pierson, his parents will never forget the special moment during their wedding that lit the internet on fire.

Mommy will never forget it.

Inside Edition - YouTube
Inside Edition - YouTube

When Kristie Mihelich got ready to walk down the aisle, she had no idea her adorable son would do something that warmed hearts all around the world.

He beared more than the ring.

2-year-old Pierson waits at the altar with his father, both waiting to get a glimpse of the most important woman in their lives

The Mihelich family had delayed their wedding due to Covid-19, but on April 22nd the big day finally came and they tied the knot in their hometown of Bloomfield, Michigan.

The couple always knew Pierson would play a big role in their wedding, they just had no idea he would do something that captured hearts and went viral.

“We always planned for our son Pierson to be the ring bearer,” Kristie told the TODAY Show.

“Hi mom”

That’s what he yells before sprinting down the aisle and into Kristie’s arms. Two simple words, but it’s all about his actions.

When Kristie appears in her wedding dress, her now-husband, Bobby, fights back tears in seeing his bride.

But their 2-year-old son Pierson forgets his duties as ring bearer and sprints to his mother.

Inside Edition - YouTube
Inside Edition - YouTube

The wedding guests’ erupt in laughter.

They couldn’t help it as the young boy screamed for his mother and ran as fast as he could into her arms.

Kristie told Inside Edition:

Inside Edition - YouTube
Inside Edition - YouTube

“I waited 40 years for this day right, and honest to goodness, I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She added: “It was the sweetest moment of my entire life, I’ve never felt so much love and just pure joy.”

The internet lit up with admiration for the little boy

“Such a cute little boy, put a tear in my good eye,” wrote Twitter user @Jakesmo77935149

Another person on Twitter commented:

“He got to walk his mom down the aisle. A memory that will last forever and mean so much more as he gets older.” Said user @JrbbNyc

It’s easy to see why people were so touched by the toddler’s reaction.

How could you not love this little boy?

Seeing him run down the aisle with so much excitement for his mother on her big day was priceless.

When it comes to mama’s boys, this kid definitely takes the cake, and we’re just glad they shared this precious moment with everyone!

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