Seasoned 4-year-old shares hilarious life advice with baby for visits with grandma

February 11th, 2021

Good advice can be hard to come by.

Since everybody seems to have some sort of advice to offer, you have to figure out who’s worth listening to and who should be ignored.

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When it comes to giving a baby advice, a certain 4-year-old seems to have all of the answers.

His name is Ari, and who better to impart wisdom onto a newborn child than a child who has just recently been through that early phase of life.

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When Ari’s mother leaves him and baby Finn alone in the living room, Ari decides that it is a good time for a talk.

He tells little Finn that because he’s “been on this earth for four long years,” he has a few things that he needs to teach him about.

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The first piece of advice comes as no surprise.

Ari tells Finn that their mom and dad are going to say “no” a lot.

But Finn shouldn’t worry about this too much because grandma always says “yes.”

So the best advice that Ari can give to Finn is to ask grandma for something when mom or dad says “no.”

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So far, it seems like this kid knows what he’s talking about.

He goes on to remind Finn that parents will claim that too much screen time is a bad thing.

According to Ari, Finn should ignore that.

There’s never enough screen time.

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Also, grown-ups will try and get him to sleep a lot.

However, Ari warns Finn that he shouldn’t do this.

If he sleeps all of the time, then he may miss out on all sorts of really fun and cool things.

One of the biggest shocks for Finn is when Ari explains to him that he’s going to have to whip his own butt one day.

He says that it’s gross but that’s just the way that it is.

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It’s great to see an older brother look out for his younger brother, even if he’s still just a child himself.

Although older brothers are known for picking on their siblings and making life pretty hard for them at times, a good brother will always be the first to defend them.

It’s clear that Ari is ready to be the older brother that Finn needs.

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The most surprising thing that Finn learns from Ari is where babies come from.

Ari just points down and Finn seems to understand what he means.

This causes Finn to get a little upset.

It seems as though this knowledge has rocked his tiny little baby world in some way.

Finn starts to cry and Ari is there for him once again, letting him know that it’s alright.

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He tells Finn:

“Yeah, that was my reaction, too. You know, Finn, sometimes you gotta cry it out.”

In the end, Ari gives Finn a brotherly kiss on the forehead and lets him know that he’ll always be the for him.

Finn sure is lucky to have an older brother as awesome as Ari.

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