Grateful son blindfolds his parents and walks them up the street to their new home
The way they embraced each other as a family after it all sank in really grabbed my heart. They have a beautiful story. πŸ’˜
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It goes without saying that if there’s one thing our parents do for us, it’s making sacrifices.

Whether it’s their time, money, or attention (usually all three), they’re always giving up something to make sure we have the best of everything.

Knowing just how much his own parents have sacrificed for him, one man decided to show his appreciation in the grandest way possible.

He bought his parents a house.

And not just any house. It was a new house.

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Lejuan James posted the reveal online.

The video generated an incredible amount of love and praise from the internet, and it’s a delight to see his parents’ reactions.

Lejuan’s parents worked so hard to get him and his siblings to the place they are in life now.

As immigrants to the United States, his family had to work even harder to adjust to this country and settle themselves.

His parents both worked two jobs for much of his youth, working days and nights.

Now, Lejuan can recognize that their hard work enabled him to live a life where all of his needs were met.

He also credits them for their ability to make it all look easy: he says they never made their children feel how hard it was for them.

He says that growing up opened his eyes to how hard his parents worked to give him a good life.

YouTube - Lejuan James
YouTube - Lejuan James

Lejuan explains to E!:

“When you’re young and naive you don’t understand how hard your parents are working. My parents would bust their tail working overnights, working multiple shifts and they’d alternate to take care of us, it was three of us. And you don’t really understand until you’re a little older, then you understand the concept of money and how hard it is to get it and how easy it is to spend it.”

So he blindfolded them.

Then he led them down a suburban road to their dream home.

After all their hard work, Lejuan wanted to pay them back. His thank you came to them in the form of a house that he bought for them.

YouTube - Lejuan James
YouTube - Lejuan James

In the beginning of the video, you can see him leading his parents down a road.

They are both blindfolded so that when they are finally in front of the house, the reveal is even more incredible.

The emotion is palpable.

YouTube - Lejuan James
YouTube - Lejuan James

When the blindfolds are first taken off, both parents’ jaws drop.

Their shock is quickly replaced by heavier emotions. They both start sobbing, and that makes Lejuan start crying too.

The family joins in a big hug as the parents realize their lives are changed forever.

They understood his depth of gratitude.

YouTube - Lejuan James
YouTube - Lejuan James

It was time for a tour.

This new home has so much potential, and it’s easy to get excited imagining what Lejuan’s family will do with the space.

The video shows a montage of what the interior looks like, with tile and hardwood floors and big spaces.

YouTube - Lejuan James
YouTube - Lejuan James

It’s a gorgeous home, and for the reveal, it got decorated with a pretty red bow.

With two floors and a large kitchen, it will be a delight for his parents to live there.

Viewers were in total awe.

The video has over 2 million views on YouTube alone, and so many comments commending him for doing this.

One person wrote:

“It is super touching how he cries with his lovely parents. What a blessing. And the shirt says it all God is Good!”

YouTube - Lejuan James
YouTube - Lejuan James

Someone else says:

“You made me cry…. that’s the best gift a son can his parents, you showed your true love and appreciation for your parents. And you look like your dad. ❀️”

Everyone who viewed it got emotional.

YouTube - Lejuan James
YouTube - Lejuan James

Although Lejuan’s parents are the ones who had their lives changed, it’s emotional for their son as well.

This is an opportunity for him.

One to reflect on how his parents’ love and dedication got him where he is in life now, and to have the chance to care for them deeply as well.

He had been wanting this for a long time, so seeing this dream finally being realized is emotional. He also explains that this is him showing his love to his parents:

“You know it’s hard for us kids sometimes to express how much we love our parents, even though they know it. It’s hard actually verbally to come out and say it. It’s not like something that you constantly do. It was such a genuine moment because it was just me pouring my heart out and telling them in that particular time, ‘This is me trying to repay you guys for being the wonderful parents that you are.'”

See the heartfelt moment Lejuan walks his parents into their new home in the video below!

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