Son Buys His Dad The Dream Car He Sold 20 Years Prior

August 19th, 2017

Even though they are just “things,” there are certain items, trinkets, or other material things that make a lasting impression on our hearts. We place sentimental value on them, and they become important to us.

For one man — it was his 1965 Chevy Impala that meant the world to him. He absolutely cherished this car and was the very first person ever to drive it off a lot.

The man was in love with his brand new, shiny car. It meant a lot to him, and according to his son — he treated it like his baby. His son has vivid memories of his dad and the Chevy Impala that stick with him today.

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He remembers driving in the backseat with his mom and dad sitting in the front. He remembers the car feeling gigantic compared to his little kid body. He also remembers feeling the thrill and excitement of taking sharp turns.

Sadly, after owning the classic car for 20 years, the man needed to sell his car. Not because he wanted to — but out of pure necessity.

The family fell on tough times, and the man knew it was up to him to help provide for the family. Sadly and with hesitance, he sold the car. It was heartbreaking, but he knew it was the right thing to do.

Years later, his son started thinking — what if the car still existed? What if he could track his dad’s beloved Chevy Impala down? He knew he had to at least try.

His son looked up the VIN of the Chevy, and an address of the current owner appeared. He couldn’t believe it, the car still existed.

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The man’s son reached out the current owner of the car and sent numerous letters without any reply. He was starting to give up on the thought that he could ever get in touch with these people.

It turns out that the car wasn’t where he thought and always seemed to be two steps behind. The car’s registration kept bouncing from state to state every time he would look it up. Finally — the car’s owner in Maine reached out to his son.

The car’s owner told him that he just sold it to some people from Canada and it was gone. He was sure he’d never be able to find it again.

Just before completely giving up, his son decided to Google the car’s information one more time. His jaw dropped to the floor. The very first search result was a listing for the car — it was for sale in Montreal, Quebec.

The man’s son called the number in the listing immediately and purchased the car over the phone. It was 5 years in the making.

Now, it was time to surprise his dad with the car that meant so much to him and provided their family with so many wonderful memories. It was going to be the moment of a lifetime.

As the family gathered in the park, the Chevy Impala comes rolling around the corner, and the man has no idea what’s in store for him. Then he turns around and sees it.

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The moment the man sees his beloved 1965 Chevy Impala, he is completely speechless. He is immediately overcome with emotion, and the reaction is priceless.

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