Mom Writes A Letter To Punish Her Entitled Son And It's Going Viral
Ace Sterling

When dealing with teenagers, they sometimes push their limits. They start to approach this age where they start to become more independent since they realize that in a few years, I’m going to be an adult.

But what happens when we are only looking out for our teenage child but they start to lie to us? Heidi Johnson has first hand experience about her son lying to her.

Her son, Aaron tried lying to her about completing his homework and when confronted about his lie, said thing about how he has a job and that he was eventually going to do it.

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Parenting can be hard sometimes. There is no cookie cutter formula that somehow teaches us how to handle our child but there are correct ways and there are bad ways. Heidi is about to show you how she correctly parented her child by making him realize life long lessons.

So Aaron makes a little money off of his YouTube videos and starts to feel a sense of entitlement. To deal with this, the mother went about the situation brilliantly. She wanted to teach him a lesson about gratitude and show him what life would be if she treated him more like a roommate rather than a parent.

Johnson simply wrote a letter to her son and left it on his door. The letter was more of a mutual understanding since her little child was so “independent.” You can read the letter below, it is hilarious.

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The mother meant to only share this letter with her friends and family but she accidentally made it public where it somehow went viral. The post has since been shared over 165,000 times.

After reading the letter, Aaron crumpled the letter and stormed out the apartment. The mother knowing that she should allow some time for both parties to think said, “When he could be respectful, and I was more calm, we would discuss it further.”

Then what happened? The parenting style worked. The son an hour later took it upon himself to give her all the things that she has bought him that he felt like he should earn back. He apologized to his mother and asked what could he do to make things better.

Upon making amends, the mother went and wrote a detailed contract with her son to have a set of guidelines and understanding. The guidelines incorporated how the would complete his homework, help out around the house and various things of that sort.

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The bottom line of this? The parenting style worked. No resentful feelings, no yelling or anger, just a mutual understanding.

Heidi knew to keep her cool and made the child understand the relationship that they have. Teenagers may take things for granted as they grow up, and this can happen even faster if they start earning a little bit of money.

Although the child disrespected her by lying, she went about the situation very calmly and motherly. She allowed the child space and made it so that he would understand that she only wants what’s best for him. An applause to this mother and how she taught her son a lifelong lesson about being grateful to his parents.

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