Teacher writes awfully cruel comment on 7-year-old's math quiz
His teacher is supposed to motivate him...not make him feel terrible.
Jamie Maraña

Teachers are considered to be our children’s substitute parent at school since not only are they supposed to provide quality education, they’re also there to provide support to each child’s well-being.

Needless to say, they are indeed essential contributors to our society and that being one is a privilege. Unfortunately, not everyone in the education system is able to stimulate a child’s mind to bring out their full potential.

Max Fischer from Pexels
Max Fischer from Pexels

This became all too real for 7-year-old-boy Kamdyn Piland who was unnecessarily shamed by his second-grade math teacher after failing the test.

It was a 50 question math exam and his teacher’s reaction, which she has written on the child’s’ paper, was completely out of line and demotivating to Kamdyn.

“She made me really sad and upset. I was really mad. And it was a really mean thing to do.” the child exclaimed in reference to the words “absolutely pathetic” written on his exam paper.

Chris R Piland
Chris R Piland

The teacher’s reaction was truly disheartening for anyone let alone to a 7-year-old boy. She was supposed to be a motivator and even a role model for Kamdyn and yet she broke his self-esteem.

Kamdyn’s father was obviously offended by the teacher’s humiliating message to his son since it was hard to understand how those words can possibly motivate anyone to do better next time.

“You don’t write that on anybody’s paper, let alone a little 7-year-old, second graders paper,” said Christopher Piland. “It said on the top of it that he answered only 13 of them in 3 minutes and that it was absolutely pathetic with a sad face.”


After the teacher “broke” Kamdyn’s heart, Chris confronted the teacher, Alyssa Rupp Bohenek in which she only replied:

“I believe what you wrote on his paper was extremely unprofessional and just very rude and she messaged me back and said she was sorry I felt that way,” said Chris.

This further intensified Chris’ dismay and outrage towards the teacher which had led him to pour his frustration out on social media. The post soon went viral with overwhelming responses from both educators and parents alike.

While most of the comments were against Alyssa, some of her fellow teachers urged everyone to give her the benefit of the doubt, as one comment read:

“We teachers do millions of things that people don’t see behind closed doors things that are good for kids,” said East Stroudsburg resident Amy Krushinski. “One moment can I define this teacher’s character.”

The school teacher’s job is now on the line.

Due to the overflowing concern about the case, two different petitions have been created with one wanting to fire her and the other is to help maintain her job. It seems though that more people want the school teacher to lose her job as over 17,000 signatures have petitioned to fire her while the other only has 900 signatures.

Chris took matters into his own hands by immediately transferring his son to a new class with a different teacher. He later mentioned that Kamdyn will be joining his brother in this class.


“Maybe it’ll be taken seriously now and it’ll keep it from happening to other teachers and other students” Chris stated.

The Valley View Superintendent did tell FOX56 that they will conduct an investigation about the matter. They also said that their actions will not be dictated by social media.

Being a teacher is a noble job that can truly be difficult at times. While it can be true that the teacher in question may have been experiencing some issues at the time, it still doesn’t give her a free pass to ruin a child’s self-esteem with a single sentence.

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