Former kindergarten teacher hilariously warns parents to watch what they say around young ears
They are spilling ALL your dirt. 😂
Caryl Jane Espiritu

It’s nice to be around kids. They have infectious laughter and refreshing innocence.

You have to be wary when around kids, though, especially when you are dealing with kindergarteners.

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Why? Because these kids are notoriously and brutally honest. Their cute and innocent faces smile at the simplest things, but their curiosity can sometimes lead to embarrassment for grown-ups.

This is because kids are so innocent and free, that they say whatever comes to mind. And one former pre-kindergarten teacher has proven this one too many times.

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Mr. Hills shared just how funny it is to be surrounded by inquisitive and honest little pre-schoolers. He has uploaded on TikTok through his account atxhills a total of 71 parts to a series he started only last year.

The former pre-K teacher did not expect that his videos would be so successful!

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Apparently, a lot of grown-ups can relate to his stories which he experienced first-hand as he taught kids at the pre-school where he worked. His videos are hilarious and what makes them even funnier is the fact that they are true!

Mr. Hills has been a pre-K teacher for 18 years, which makes him a really credible source of these true-to-life pieces of information. People just can’t get enough of his hilarious little tales.

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His family helped him bring the series to life.

The man did not originally think this would be possible. But, because his family encouraged him to write about all of the incredible experiences he had over the 18 years he taught, Mr. Hills was able to write down all of the moments he would always remember about his days at the school.

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After writing down the memories he had, Mr. Hills was able to fill in a total of five notebooks. Wow!

He only thought of making a single video.

Eventually, one video became two and then five and before he knew it, he already made 71 parts! The stories he had were too funny not to share!

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In one of his videos, Mr. Hills shared about the game of “Duck, Duck, Goose” that his students played. He recalls one student who told him his head looked like a “naked cat”. Well, that must be because Mr. Hills had a bald head.

Kids often point out his lack of hair, and he has featured this story in several of his videos.

Aren’t kids just too honest? It might be fun trying to talk to them and finding out how they think, but when they don’t hold back with their honesty, it actually seems scary to talk to them.

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As the videos got more and more, his audience now see a pattern in the way Mr. Hills’ students talk to him or ask him. In some of the clips, Mr. Hills shared that a few kids are asking about adult content, which is quite shocking and funny to know.

Some of the most featured in his clips is a boy named Gavin, and if you watch all his clips, you would see that his name comes up quite a lot.

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His videos are hilarious!

Are you excited to hear about his funny stories? You can watch his series on his TikTok account. You can start with a video below about Gavin.

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