Mom sees teen cuddled with dad on bathroom floor and asks others to pray for husband

February 12th, 2021

Remember when you were looking for a potential partner? Chances are, you had a list of “must-haves” that you silently went through on your first date.

Perhaps you were looking for a man with a sense of humor. Maybe looks were the biggest turn-on for you. Or perhaps it was important to find a strong man who looked after his body.

In the grand scheme of things, none of these “must-haves” are really important at all.

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When you’ve raised children together, through sickness and in health, experience the best days and the worst days of your lives… it soon becomes apparent what really matters.

Kari Boyer, a mom from Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania, shared her story after learning what is really important in a lifelong partner.

She shared a post to Facebook that drew from her own experiences – and it’ll bring tears to your eyes.

Offering advice to young women who are searching for their dream man, she starts by explaining that a man should have his wife and children as his number one priority.

““Pray for the kind of man that will lay next to your future 13-year-old, on the bathroom floor, praying over her because she can’t keep a drop of water down. Pray for a man that will carry her down the stairs, to the car, and spend all night in the hospital by her side.”

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Boyer accompanied this heart-wrenching statement with a photo of her own husband and 13-year-old daughter lying on the bathroom floor.

According to Boyer, her daughter was unable to keep any water down, and she needed her parents’ full support.

Boyer added that for her, it was vital to find a husband who wakes up early on Sundays to prepare for church.

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She posed the logical question: if her husband could be up at 4:30 am on a Saturday to go hunting, why not wake up at 6:30 on a Sunday to go to church?

The takeaway of Boyer’s post is to never settle. She encourages young women to never make compromises, but to continue to search for “the one”, no matter how tiring it may be.

She adds:

“No amount of waiting for a husband is worse than settling for the wrong spouse, and losing years of your life living outside of the will of God.”

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Sometimes things are easier to see in retrospect, as those who have divorced their partners can agree.

It’s certainly worth waiting a little longer to find someone who’s perfect for you if it means you’ll spend a happy life together.

Boyer’s post soon became a viral sensation, with more than 230K reactions and 380K shares.

The majority of the people who commented on the post agreed with Boyer regarding the qualities women should look for in their future husbands.

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Many people shared their own experiences, too, reinforcing Boyer’s point.

One person wrote:

“Wow must be why I’m still single ,hardly a man like this . Very few good men or [women].”

Another commenter, an elderly woman, wrote:

“I found a good husband at the age of 50. We have been married for 24 years.”

Hopefully Boyer’s post was eye-opening for some young girls and boys who came across it. You can check out the full post on Facebook.

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