Prince Harry Has Best Reply To Toddler Stealing Popcorn
I think he would make a great father one day - what do you think?
Cedric Jackson

A toddler stole Prince Harry’s popcorn, and his reaction will leave you gushing.

While attending the Invictus Games on Wednesday in Toronto, Prince Harry became the victim of theft. A super-cute toddler named Emily could not help but sneak some of his popcorn every time he looked away.

In a now-viral video making rounds on social media, viewers see the toddler sneaking pieces of popcorn out of Prince Harry’s container and into her mouth.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

According to BuzzFeed, Prince Harry enjoyed the games with his friend Paralympian David Henson sitting beside him. The woman – and mother – to the sneaky toddler was Hayley, his friend’s wife. In the video, Emily appears to snag several bites of popcorn before Prince Harry catches on to her trickery.

When Prince Harry finally noticed the sneaky toddler, he teased her by moving the container of popcorn just out of her reach. After making a few silly and playful faces back and forth with the toddler, he generously offered her more pieces of his popcorn.

The phrase “Prince Harry’s Popcorn” continues to pick up steam across social media platforms as people positively respond to the overwhelming cuteness of the video.

One Twitter user noted Prince Harry did not seem to mind the toddler stealing his popcorn until he started to run low on popcorn.

Several Twitter users noted how “adorable” and “precious” the entire clip was. A few even commented on the mother’s expression to the realization of her popcorn-thieving daughter. Many plastered the phrase “kids just being kids” all over the comments of the original video on Twitter.

Many also could not help but note how fabulous Prince Harry was with the toddler and that he would make a fantastic father when the time was right.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

Also making rounds on YouTube, most have nothing but positive things to say about the way he interacted with the toddler.

One YouTube user noted how refreshing the video was.

“That’s so nice of him. He even tilted the popcorn toward the little girl. This is a refreshing video.”

Unfortunately, on both Twitter and YouTube, a few users criticized the mother for allowing her daughter to steal popcorn from Prince Harry. One YouTube user noted “how sad” it was for the mother to “just sit there” while her daughter stole popcorn. Some even claimed she was not doing her job as a mother very well.

YouTube Screenshot
YouTube Screenshot

One YouTube user, however, slammed those leaving negative comments with a detailed backstory regarding the relationship between Prince Harry, the mother, and the toddler in the video.

“To all those who got a stick inside their a**es about the toddler stealing popcorn, grow up. She’s 4, not 14. And if your dig in more , you’d be amazed that she is a daughter of a decorated Afghan Vet who lost both of his legs during an IED blast. Before that, he had his essense stored for future if he decided to have a kid. He met his wife and she accepted to be his child’s mother, so through IVF she was born. They named her Emily. Prince Harry was inspired by the Father’s service to the Queen, and it was through him that Prince Harry got his things together and changed his old ways. So he owes a lot to the family. They are good friends now, which is why they are sitting next to him. So Prince Harry already knows who that girl is. He didn’t wanted to break that adorable child’s innocence by catching her way earlier. He pretended like he isn’t looking so she can eat those pops, like any adorable father or an uncle would. Enough of this SJW crap.”

For the most part, people do agree on one thing – Prince Harry will make a great father when the day comes.

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