7+ Tweets from parents showcasing their hilarious efforts to get their kids to eat
These parents are my people. Every single one is beyond relatable.
Jessica Adler

If you feel bad for children who struggle during mealtime, imagine what a nightmare it is for their parents.

Yeah, I said it. Imagine forcing broccoli down what can only be described as a rabid dog all while they know some delicious nuggets are sitting in the freezer.

It ain’t pretty, folks.

Nonetheless, the resulting commentary that comes out of these forays into forced nutrition tends to make it all worthwhile.

At least for those who aren’t on the proverbial battlefield.

Here are 7+ utterly relatable mealtime struggle tweets.

1. Well played, soldier. Well played.

Sounds about right. Why kids try to threaten their parents we’ll never know. Perhaps there are some moms and dads who give in so easily, but not Tim here. Tim here is a champion.

2. In a nutshell…

Unless the answer is pizza or chicken nuggets, whatever you are going to make is icky. But then again, don’t you actually feel the same way unless you are offered Taco Bell?

3. Spreading the love

It’s not like anyone ever died from ingesting bird feces, right? Oops! Kids can spread germs faster than someone actually trying to spread germs. They are naturals.

4. How very fruit conscious of you

Packing kids non kid-friendly food is a good way to have it return to you that afternoon. However, if you slice the apples and send caramel dip, then she’ll come back with sliced apples and no dip.

5. It’s all about priorities

Kids are natural narcissists and that’s okay. It’s the ones who don’t grow out of it that we worry about. Kids asking for a snack while you’re having contractions or laying on the floor with a broken hip, that’s normal.

6. Definitely possible. Not ideal.

Whether it’s a single block of packing foam or a pack of goldfish snacks, your kid will find a way to make sure it touches every room in the entire house. So be on the lookout.

7. The double agent

So, this happens far too often after Halloween. Moms and dads get to craving something sweet after their tyrants have gone to bed. And what do you do if the only candy is in their room?

8. This happens if parents aren’t careful

This is disgusting, it’s true. You probably haven’t done this, but you definitely have crossed the line as a parent if you have.

Things you promised you’d never do happen every single day.

9. Something tells me they knew it wouldn’t.

Some kids really do try. Even if it is to hold the flatulence off until after dinner. But of course, it won’t work. Might as well smell your hand afterward, you know he’s going to.

10. Not even a favor. That’s totally how it happened.

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Play along. George Washington died far younger than he should of just because he refused to eat his broccoli and only wanted chicken nuggets and ice cream. The poor president.

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